Monday, August 6, 2007

Space Marines, ATTACK!

Well, got the 4 marines in progress to the end of said progress. Bow I have a table legal combat squad (+1). I've started work on the next batch. Should be fun, as I have an older pewter heavy bolter to work with. After that, its time for the sweet, sweet ride.

Also, my ebay auctions have been rockin' pretty hard. I have the next tactical squad and Rhino on he way. Woot.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Guys (Who Aren't) Dolls (They're Marines in Fact)

Smell that? That's the smell of progress mixed with another grainy photo... but overpowerd by a terrible title. My bad.

I've go the backpacks for these bad mama-jamas based. Gonna try to bust those out tomorrow.

I have also recently received an alternate marine to convert into my company master. i was kinda unhappy with the way I had modeled my old one in comparison to the way I was planning to build his command squad. He was all shooty with a combi-plasma gun and his squad was all assualty with a powerfist, power sword and two meltas. I decided I needed to change that.

So, I picked up a Black Templar Sword Brethren:

i've started a little of the conversion work. Mostly filing off Templar iconography. I've also removed the right shouldar pad (his right) for replacement with a platic Dark Angel one as well as to get easy access to the head for removal.