Tuesday, January 24, 2012


People who know me tend to describe me as an optimist. Aggressively so, some would say.  Sure, I get bummed out or angry from time to time, but I'm usually a glass is completely full (half water, half air) kind of guy.

Which is why Battlefoam was always harshing my buzz. Because I wanted to be positive about what looked like a great product, but Romeo Filip just wouldn't let me!  If it wasn't his early, early promotional videos devoted to bashing Sabol Designs then it was the bizarre events surrounding his various legal actions.  Hell, the weird thread camping he would do and reviews that looked paid for were just icing on the cake.

It was a huge deterrent for a product that I was already kind of cold about because of the price.

Keep in mind that all of these shenanigans were strung out over the years so it was always something new to frown at.

Well, I ended up getting a Battlefoam bag anyway.  But I managed to get it without spending my own money. Xmas, baby!  I guess I thought it was a clever way of sidestepping the issue of giving them my money while still being a self righteous consumer.

This is Techno the Cat.  He's pretty great.

Since Frontline gamer is always prattling on about his cats AND getting away with it, I thought I would too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Idea for a TV Show

For all three of you who still play Warhammer Fantasy, you know that GW just released the latest Vampire Counts book and a whole bunch of new models.  For the rest of you, consider yourselves knowledge slapped!

There's the neat-o Coven Throne, a much needed Black Knight update and even a strangely attractive Isabella Von Carstein.

But all of that is stupid and lame because Gw also released a new Krell. And he is about as bad-ass as a model can legally get.  In Canada, he comes with a government warning about eye damage in young children.  In China, he is banned as a threat to the communist party.  To be safe, you should probably only take him in an army list if you plan on playing in international waters.

Admittedly, I'm not going to be starting a Fantasy army any time soon.  Neither is most of the world's population.  Never the less, the word needs to get out and I have the perfect vehicle for that message!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Copyright and the Hobby Blog

A little over two years ago I wrote a couple of posts about a particularly nasty round of GW copyright policing.    Lots of people were quite irate with the Workshop at the time and the message boards and BoLS posts of the day were so full of vitriol, hate and misinformation that I considered reformatting my hard drive just to ensure my temporary internet files hadn't preserved any of it.

An average argument on the internet
At the time, I was trying to help edumacate people on the actual nature of copyright and how it played into what GW were doing at the time.  I think it went over well and I know I reached at least a few people.

Games Workshop, Copyright, IP and Bullshit (PT.1)
Games Workshop, Copyright, IP and Bullshit (PT.2)

The information is still pretty accurate and relevant, so I've linked them as part of the larger conversation I'm wanting to have today.  Also because:  please go read them!

A few days ago, the whole issue of copyright reared it's malformed head again.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Plan

Hello and welcome to 2012 at Laubersheimer Industries.  I've long since dropped (about a day before my first post) the premise that this blog was going to be written in the style of psuedo-corporate press releases, so there's not going to be any clever "company status report and money making progress fiscal year briefing" thing.  Which is a damn shame because there's a great tie in opportunity with GW's half year report being released recently.

On the other hand, by not forcing the style, I can get away with 49 word run-on sentences (see above).  Hell, that probably qualifies me to write for Forgeworld so long as I own a good thesaurus as well(1).

Thank god their models aren't made out of words.
Which brings me to the subject of the new year and the sundry resolutions I have made and want to share with you.

According to the slander and libel against the ancient Mayans and their crazy calender, 2012 is going to be the LITERAL END OF THE WORLD.  You likely already know this and may be surprised that I bring it up.  But hey, I'm already balls deep in a hackneyed post about new year's resolutions, so it's a little late for dinner and tickets to the opera.  Mostly I just want to point out that, according to actual reality, 2012 is kind of a big deal (in a good way) for the Mayans and we should all be celebrating(2).

While I'm on the subject, the Roman numerals for this decade and the last jut haven't been all that great since MCM became MM.  13 years ago, it was still fun to write out Roman numerals. MCMXCVIII.  Awesome!  MMXII.  Not awesome.