Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Necromunda has been put on hiatus for the time being. Probably for a long time. What can I say? I got bored. The project was taking too long (with me being the only person working on it) and trying to build a gaming table AND 2+ gangs quickly took its toll. I got 6 members of a 9 man Goliath gang built. I may end up finishing these guys up sooner rather than later.

On the plus side, my bitz box is pretty well stocked.

lately I've been working on terrain. The Necromunda board is a great little thing because with 2 more sections, I have a regulation size Warhammer 40k table. This is good, because I finally lured one of my local buddies into the game.

For a few months now, my local buddies have been interested in the game. One because of his new-found interest in Dawn of War and the other because he just plain likes games and painting. I had loaned out the books to one friend (and his teenage son) in a thinly veiled attempt (actually it wasn't veiled at all) to entice them into the hobby. It only kinda worked. they sat on the books for a month and a half and were interested but not quite enough... yet.

I retrieved the books and passed them onto a different friend. Success! Ian is all about the Necrons and is ordering some in the near future. Which is awesome. I'll have a buddy to play with and a pressing reason to paint my Dark Angels up (finally).

We're starting at a 1000 point chunk. I have most of what I need. All I need to do is get a Ravenwing squad and I'll be ready to fight some robo-skeletons (at 1000 and 1500 points, wooo!).

The Near Future:
First, I need to finish the terrain for the gaming board. I'd say I'm about a third done. it's moving quickly enough. Next, I need to re-base my current tactical squad and, perhaps, re-dirty my Rhino. I want them to match my terrain - gonna use some Dragon Forge bases that rock my socks off. Then its on to my 2nd Tactical squad, and 2nd Rhino. At some point I need to paint Sammael and then buy a Ravenwing box and some more resin bases. Lots to do.

The Far Future.
Who knows, really?Tthe 500 point expansion to my DA is already bought and paid for: 3 vindicators and a landspeeder. Gonna need to paint those as well.

For 2000 points? Who knows. I could always add more Ravenwing and a couple interchangeable scout squads (Ian wants a Deathbringer - Snipers eat him alive... I'm told). Buuuut, I'm also super stoked about the possibilities of the Deathwing. I've got three super spiffy lists I could build that are, for the most part, built around a common core. I've even got a color scheme worked out.

However, I made the mistake of looking at the Forgeworld Nurgle/Death Guard minis. Yikes. I don't nornally go in for the rotting stuff. But then again, most people's ideas on what they look like include large fleshy tumors. Boo. The Forgeworld stuff is super amazing. Espeically the dreadnoughts. So, If I can get a decent price on my M:TG collection come september (fingers crossed), I can plunk down the 700+ bux that I would need to get the ball rolling on that (and a computer). This is also spurred on by the chances of a large amount of conversion work I'd need to do (I have a ton of ideas for Defilers).

Deathguard Marines
Deathguard Terminators
Dreadnought 1
Dreadnought 2

What I like about these models is the fact that they don't look retarded. Too many people have the idea that large tumors=nurgle. So all of there models have these giant, fleshy growths on them all over the place and then nothing done to the rest of the model to make it look like its rotting and diseased and not just a marine with a goiter problem. Plus, I painted a bunch of rotting zombies for my Cryx army and, as it turned out, I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the Brutethrall that Angie refused to touch because of how gross it looked.

Another reason for wanting to do Nurgle marines is this project log:
Iron Warriors

Wow. This guy is amazing. The bi-pedal defilers made me want to pee my pants they were so awesome. Plus, the color scheme was simple, consistent and totally freaking sweet. Again, I wanted to wet myself.

It made me realize that I haven't really been pushing the limits of my skill when I paint. My Dark Angels are good, but not particularly inspired or unique. My Cryx guys are the best painting I've done, but there are no conversions and some sloppiness with the varnishing) I'm just not trying as many new things as I was when I started this hobby back up. Time to move forward.

Well, I need to get an army up to play Ian and I also need 700 dollars. We'll see how the Deathguard pans out.