Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 months.... ew.

Though I have not updated the blog, I have been busy. The previously posted Denaghra army is almost done, after the bile thralls I am currently working on are done, the list is fully painted. Then i can move onto my Goreshade list.

I'm planning a gaming trip to Chicago for late March. I should, hopefully - and the prospects look good, have a couple of lists ready to go. I might even be able to sneak in some Skarre action, but this seems unlikely given my slow painting speed and the time constraints.

Lets see, I'm a bit behind on my overall painting plan. I got sick over Christmas break and didn;t touch paint to miniature for9ish days. I got a Deathjack, which is good. It's next in the queue of stuff to paint (though I might switch it for Goreshade).

One of these days I'll have to post some pics. But not today.

Some general painting related notes for the sake of content:

No Quarter is an awesome magazine. lately, a series of great painting articles have been introduced. If you haven't checked them out, you should. I've gotten lots of ideas and recipes from them and much of my current work is based on these articles. Its great stuff.

Just be wary that most of the articles require you to at least be semi-able to do blending. Blending is great, but a bit tricky to master, you can cheat by adding in matte or glaze medium but not too much)to increase flow and drying time.

Also be aware that the flesh tones often involve the P3 flesh colors (Rynn, Midlund, Kardic, Flesh Wash). These colors are all a bit pink. Too pink, really. I tried them out straight and was a bit underwhelmed by the noticeably pink kind of skin it gets. In fairness, I didn't have the P3 flesh wash (which is much, much less brown than my old GW standby). I may have to give it another go.