Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goreshade the Illegitimate Child

Progress Report:

Bane Knight Holes drilled: 25/70

The Bane Knights need a lot of pinning - each one is eight pieces. That's a lot of pieces that can break off during game-play... or even while just painting them. In order to reinforce them, I need to pin on each arm (2 holes per arm) and each shied (another 2 holes). because I like to use custom bases (of my own construction), I need to file off the slot-tab and then insert a length of rod to pin the model to the base. That's a lot of holes. I'd have to say that the Bane Knights are the unit that requires the most preparation work that I've done so far. They're not particularly complicated, they just have way to many pieces.

The Deathjack, on the other hand, was both complicated and part-y. Somewhere around 31 bits once everything was cut off of the sprues. It also needed a fair bit of greenstuff - mostly to fill in a gap in its torso for pinning purposes.

The Deathjack is almost ready to go. Just a few more parts to paint up (the hands) and then attach and I've got 154 points of unstoppable killing machine done. He's already based since I had to do so in order to get his legs assembled.

An Army List

Since the Deneghra list is done, I've begun work on the next list based project:

Army: goreshade project
Faction: Cryx
Army Points: 498/500
Victory Points: 16

Goreshade the Bastard
Bane Lord Tartarus
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Bane Knights (9)
Bile Thralls (7)

A fairly standard (from what I understand - remember, I'm still a bit of a noob) Goreshade soul-gate assassination list. As usual, I pulled this from a thread on the PP boards.

The general idea is to go crazy with the Deathjack until you can get some troops up to the enemy warcaster and then soulgate a focus laden monster right on top of the poor SOB. In the meantime, you remove troops with the Bile Thralls and limit the enemy warcaser's spells with mageblight. The Bane Knights are god for this since they ae ghostly (can move through terrain/models and ignore free-strikes). I hear this is especially cool against Khador.

Another reason I like this list, is the fact that it shares a lot of models with the Deneghra list as well as my proposed Skarre list (more on that later). Aside from a few bits and pieces of the Deathjack and Goreshade's base, all I have left to paint is the Bane Knights. They're next on deck.

Important note: Goreshade's feat allows him to summon Bane Thralls (not knights). These aren't included in the list. So, when I say the list is close to being painted, it doesn't include the feat unit. There is a more than likely chance that I wont get them done by the 26th. I don't feel too bad about that - they don't start on the table and they aren't a part of the list's point cost.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Once elected, I promise to...

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "wow, two posts in a row on consecutive days!" You might also be thinking: "Huh huh, Lauby thinks people read his blog"

To the first group of people who may or may not be fictitious: Yep, two posts. I gotst stuff to talk about and I aim to talk about it. I'm going to make a more determined effort to update this. Maybe there will be pictures too.

To the second group: Screw you! I don't need your nay-saying. Boooo!

Some New Ideas

The thrust of this blog is probably going to change. I feel like I should include more info on the gaming side of the miniature wargaming hobby. Painting is cool and all, but this blog needs more than pictures of models in various stages of completion.

Expect to see a lot more army lists, maybe some battle reports and some tactical musings. Especially, once I have a good sized collection to game with and then find a gaming group.

Whilst in Chicago in late March early April, I hope to play many games of 40k and Warmachine. I hope to have at least one battle report with pictures from a Warmachine game. Maybe even a "let's play Warmachine" thing - a kind of super detailed battle report, general game overview and fluff primer. Pipe dream? Maybe. But if Bioshock has taught me anything, its that pipes are pretty useful for re-programming vending machines.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still no pictures! WTF, Lauby!!

Yeah, sorry about that. I've been so busy trying to get three-ish armies painted for my trip to Chicago, that I haven't had the drive to photograph things. Some day, I promise...

That being out of the way, I think I'm becoming a bit obsessed. I've been pushing myself much harder than ever to get three armies painted (or, most of three). I've been putting in long hours on the painting desk. Sometimes I go to sleep thinking about my loose time-line and wondering if I'll make it.


It doesn't help that I've been listening to Felcalls while painting. So, there I am listening to an IK themed podcast while painting my IK models and trying to cram a lot of painting into a shrinking time frame. I may have to switch to MST3K episodes... if I can get my laptop back from Angie. Hmmmm.

Hopefully, I'll get better once I get the Dethjack done - he's been taking a bit longer than I would like.

Moving along, lets do a Helpful Handy Hint:

Sometimes it can be a bit of a chore to paint you army mans. It shouldn't be. It's a hobby. You know, for fun? While it's generally a good idea to try and budget time and press for fully painted (at least in my thinking), its no good if you end up staring at half a unit and going "ugh, fuck this fucking wintergaurd".

There are ways to alleviate/prevent what can eventually become "burnout":
  • Listen to something while you paint. Just something to split your attention a bit (like music while you're writing a paper) will keep you from being focused on one thing for too long. Siting at a desk whilst quietly painting and deeply concentrating can be a drag after a while.
  • Split up long lines of things. Sometimes, painting 13 winterguard in a row can be lame. Painting 13 of anything in a row can be lame. Break it up. Paint them in smaller batches or paint a few and then work on another model or project. I like to paint a solo or light jack in between units or even unit halves- especially units that I foolishly gave a complicated color scheme to. Maybe even do prep on a different model/unit.
  • Don't buy a whole ton of models that will sit, unpainted, and constantly remind you how much 'work' you have ahead of you before you're fully painted. Buy in moderation and only buy more when you absolutely have to. This is a big one for me. 2,000 points of metal lumps staring at me is very daunting and overwhelming.
Looks like this is gonna be a long one:

The Podthralls: These guys are a good time. Its free and good entertainment updated weekly. Its just a bunch of freinds who play Privateer Press games and discuss them on a weekly podcast. They usually discuss a couple different models a week and go over strengths, weaknesses, tactics, synergies and such. Plus, there's a fair bit of humor with a weekly top five and some general nerd humor. They may not always know what they're talking about (heavy cav.), but they've been around the block a few times and have a lot of experience to share. Give it a try.

Finally, my progress update.

The previously mentioned Deneghra list is done. So I've got at least one fully painted list rady to rock. I also finished Tartarus and Goreshade (pending his base). The big project right now is the Deathjack. A fairly complicated model assembly wise. It's taken me a bit longer than I'd like to finish it, but it looks like I can finish him up in about 3 more days (I hope).

Then I'm on to a 10 man Bane thrall unit. First off, the models are great. Really neat looking. Unfortunately they are ALSO really complicated - 8 pieces each. 8. Eight. Ocho. Wow.

Prep work has started, but I have 50 more holes to drill (I've done 20) before they're pinned. Luckily, the scheme I've planned should be pretty quick to get done.

That's all for know. Next time we'll get some army lists and... uh.. whatzit.