Monday, February 25, 2008

Once elected, I promise to...

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "wow, two posts in a row on consecutive days!" You might also be thinking: "Huh huh, Lauby thinks people read his blog"

To the first group of people who may or may not be fictitious: Yep, two posts. I gotst stuff to talk about and I aim to talk about it. I'm going to make a more determined effort to update this. Maybe there will be pictures too.

To the second group: Screw you! I don't need your nay-saying. Boooo!

Some New Ideas

The thrust of this blog is probably going to change. I feel like I should include more info on the gaming side of the miniature wargaming hobby. Painting is cool and all, but this blog needs more than pictures of models in various stages of completion.

Expect to see a lot more army lists, maybe some battle reports and some tactical musings. Especially, once I have a good sized collection to game with and then find a gaming group.

Whilst in Chicago in late March early April, I hope to play many games of 40k and Warmachine. I hope to have at least one battle report with pictures from a Warmachine game. Maybe even a "let's play Warmachine" thing - a kind of super detailed battle report, general game overview and fluff primer. Pipe dream? Maybe. But if Bioshock has taught me anything, its that pipes are pretty useful for re-programming vending machines.

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