Sunday, February 20, 2011


[Note:] I know these are experimental rules and all, but given the 'experimental' rules accompanying the Land Raider Achilles and the Assault Ram, I don't feel like things will change much.

What the hell is going on with Forgeworld's new Eldar releases?

Normally, there is a certain even level of mild crappiness that I've come to expect from the Forgeworld writers when it comes to model rules.  I'm not saying that they're terrible, just slightly less than good.  Things tend to be written with fluff firmly in mind.  Which is all good and well given what Forgeworld is all about.

Whatever your opinion may be on the rules, there's a kind of internal logic that goes along with the FW rule writing and a consistency.  In that there is internal logic and consistency across the rules.

But this new Eldar stuff for IA 11.  Man....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh, I Dunno... War Stuff, I Guess

 Man... It's been a while, huh?   Let's not cheapen the moment with crappy excuses.  I've got a lot of my recent pondering to share.  Lets start smallish yet meaninfully (and hopefully not ponderously):

It's Special  Character Week on the GW Mothership

Now I know most 'sane' people don't cotton to much of what Jervis has to say about the game he designs (oddly enough*).  However, this bit of JJ's brain is actually quite interesting - and causes quite a bit of collateral hilarity with the people who do treat his word as the RAI Gospel of the Church of Fluff.