Sunday, February 20, 2011


[Note:] I know these are experimental rules and all, but given the 'experimental' rules accompanying the Land Raider Achilles and the Assault Ram, I don't feel like things will change much.

What the hell is going on with Forgeworld's new Eldar releases?

Normally, there is a certain even level of mild crappiness that I've come to expect from the Forgeworld writers when it comes to model rules.  I'm not saying that they're terrible, just slightly less than good.  Things tend to be written with fluff firmly in mind.  Which is all good and well given what Forgeworld is all about.

Whatever your opinion may be on the rules, there's a kind of internal logic that goes along with the FW rule writing and a consistency.  In that there is internal logic and consistency across the rules.

But this new Eldar stuff for IA 11.  Man....

First up we have the absolute garbage that the Shadow Spectres and Warp Hunter represent. 

Warphunter: Great, lets pay 125+ points for yet another suicide tank hunter... that's functionally worse than the fire prism in every way.  Even the the d-cannon flame attack - its likely to get your killed.  Great.  You can sacrifice a 135 points (with chin cannon) tank to maybe, maybe fry more than one tanks if they're bunch up... potentially.  Good trade.

Great models, terrible rules, sad times.
 Shadow Spectres:  What's really sad about this unit and the above tank are the fact that the models are the coolest of the new batch of FW Eldar.  I mean, sure the models look cool, but I'm having a hard time conceptualizing why I would want to spend 140+ points for a fire prism that doesn't scatter and can run off the damn table. 

The heavy support slot already has good options in it.  We don't need two more shitty ones.  It's the night spinner all over again.

Then we have the lolwut goodness of the Wasp Assault Walker and the Hornet.

The Hornet:  The only thing keeping this from replacing the Vyper is the fact that the model costs almost 60 freaking dollars.  If you have access to Hornets and can use them whenever you want - SELL YOUR VYPERS and buy these.  For 5 more points, every problem the Vyper ever had is solved plus some problems it didn't have in the first palce PLUS free star engines.  WHAT?!  I'm not saying this unit is overpowered, imba or borken.  Its just that it shames the root codex.

This also has scout and can take double pulse lasers. Again: WHAT!?
The Wasp:  This was just released so its the newest of the bunch.  It's way better than the War Walker (for a scant 5 points more... again) and can goddamn fly!  WHAT!?  Even more crazy is the fact that it's a troops choice.  Its not even competing for the same FOC slot as its parent unit.  Its like having your cake and eating it too while watching two strippers smear each other with baby oil without using their hands.

The rules design on these four units is just bizarre.  The two crappy units are crappy even for the lower standards of the aging codex they're designed for and the two good units make the codex look like a dried out cat turn on a bad stretch of road.  Though if you compare the good units to the 5th edition codices... THAT's another story.  A good one, this time.  Unless you're the bad units... then its worse.


  1. To be honest when I got the email from FW, I couldn't really take in what the wasp was. I was waiting for someone else to see it, to confirm I wasn't imagining it. Troops? 24" move? Double weapon? Know anyone who'll give me a few hundred quid for my spare kidney?!

  2. Forgeworld; laughing at fanbois by parting them with their money with crappily casted resin crack that usually looks nothing like what the website shows.

    If you want to know how would GW write their rules if their sales didn't depend on it, just also look at Forgeworld...

    Forgeworld = Failworld lol.