Monday, June 11, 2012

Legion of Everblight - Progress Report #1

Last time around I dipped my toes into the shallow end of a much larger conversation - that being that I have started up HoMachine again.  Since then, I've managed to get a few more games in and I now have more than enough experience to draw any number of serious and ground breaking conclusions about how the MkII rules function as a game.  I will also be proclaiming myself a master of this game followed by a cordial invitation for you all to suck it.

Haha!  I guy can dream, amiright?  Clearly that's all lies. Though you should go back and read the post I linked to - lots of good conversation in the comments and some of it doesn't even involve Frontline Gamer. Hoho!

All sweaty wrestlers and hyperbole for comedic effect aside, I managed to work in a couple more games with Legion battlebox.  Fully painted, no less!  I may not even have my brain completely wrapped around the game's basic rules yet, but I can talk about the learning experience so far.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6th Edition, Hobby Weltschmerz and New Beginnings

In recent months, I had been back in a 40k mindset again.  The wild success of my Vindicator Project got the ball rolling on the 'finish past projects' drive and the long slumbering forms of some counts as Wolf Guard terminators were soon awakened as a result.  The mad idea of a Loganwing army was alive again!  . I was already about a third of the way through it and I already owned more than I'd need to finish it AND expand it.  The feedback I ended up getting on the paint scheme was more than encouraging as well.  It was time to move forward into some 40k with the best army I've ever wanted to field.

So I jumped into some more Space Wolves in disguise: