Sunday, October 16, 2011

Something somethings Go Faster

In case you missed it, Frontline gamer did a fantastic job on the interviewing skills portion of HoP Idol.  And it's not just because I was the center of attention.  It was a solid interview to be sure.  So thanks to FLG for that. 

I also got another subtle hint from his royal majesty, the King Elessar, that I should be blogging again.

Lauby, a request - Blood Angels. A bright, vibrant scheme, tabletop quality, but no more (I'm not you :P) without a white undercoat. Do-able? And how?

With some follow up questions, the following info was added to that request:
  • GW paints would make his life easier
  • He has access to the Citadel Spray gun
  • a LOT of tanks are involved.
  • He needs it to be easily repeatable
 Right, lets get to it.