Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day - The Siege of Laporte

According to Warhammer 39,999, today is Old Stuff Day.I decided I wanted to get in on this before the greeting card companies commercialized it and ruined it's true meaning.  What follows (grammatical errors and all) is a semi-battle report from an Apoc. game I played with HoP co-founder Dethtron and his rowdy local gaming buddies back in 2009.  We may have only played two turns, but it was a blast and I have a lot of fond memories about the game and the people involved..  Maybe there is something to this whole 'casual' 40k thing...

The Siege of Laporte - an Apocalypse Report

While I was on vacation I had the opportunity to play an Apocalypse game with some really cool dudes - My buddy Colin and his extended gaming group.

First things first: Colin, Joe, Evan and Hoagy - thanks for the fun. You guys are a blast.

This was a real treat as I don't have a fully painted and assembled army of my own and have yet to find a play group where I live. I've played a whole two games of 5th edition and they were both Apoc games.

On the plus side, these big games are a good way to learn the rules due to the everything and the kitchen sink approach to army consturction. It's also a much more relaxed gaming experience for me as well.

Here is a direct link.

Here are some highlights not covered in the photos:

1) The night before the game, Colin and I spent a few hours turning an old siege tower I made 10 years ago into a plague tower. This thing was a bit terrifying on the table, but manageable. It would have been scarier if it hadn't absorbed almost every anti-tank shot we had for two turns. By the end, it was down to one weapon and was immobilized.

2) the Annihilatrix was also super cool looking but a series of the unluckiest roles in history ensured that we never actually got to see what it could do.

3) Joe and his accursed Fallen Angels killed one of my Vindicators, thus preventing me from getting to destroy terrain pieces. Curses!

4) Both sides had a land raider and wildly different experiences. Hoagy's LR absorbed scads (SCADS I tell you) of rocket and laser fire and kept going with not so much as a scratch on the paint. Joe's LR got one shotted by my Vindicator.

5) The Imperial super heavy's didn't have too much of an affect on the battle at the end to two turns. Lots of missing and piss-poor roles for any kind of damage.

6) We misplayed flank march a bit as we applied it to ALL reinforcements. But, it was kinda hard to tell which units were controlled by which player and, in any case, Team Chaos won because they had bothered to grab the only objective any body bothered to take.

7) The Green Tide was scary right about until the time it broke cover and ate a bunch of 10 inch templates. However, between all the fire this and the Plague Tower was absorbing, there were still a few Maelstrom of Gores lurking. I was not looking forward to that.

8) Early in the game, I ended up moving a dreadnaught (with no cc weapon) into combat with a chaos lord. We never did get to see who won. On the plus side, I did get a good lesson on using dreads to tie down enemy units in CC.

9) Due to a late start and some wife issues, we only got to play two turns. But it was fun as hell and in hindsight, I don't know if I had the fortitude to complete the game anyway. Apocalypse can be very draining... especially if you stayed up the night before to make a plague tower.

There you have it, a nice little report on the kinds of things I got up to in Chicago. I can't stress enough how much fun it is to play with buds and their buds (who are cool dudes).

And there you have it.  I was initially thinking about re-posting one of my more informative bits, but hen I stumbled across this and decided that the memories of the fun and camaraderie were way cooler than a bunch of bullshit about primer.  I hope you all enjoyed!


  1. Fun article. OMG, who ever thought that both competitive and causal games are fun! Damn fluff bunnies and WAAC bastards running the fun for us moderates.

    Your intro made me think that for next year's Old Stuff Day I'm gonna have to make a banner for my blog that says "I was into Old Stuff Day before the Stuff was Old" and be total hipster about the whole thing.

  2. Lol, good times man. You can photograph my crotch any day, old man.

  3. Likewise mate. We really need to do this again soon, it's be great to have you back up this way!