Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tyberos the Red Wake - Day 11

We're coming up on the two week mark - eeeee!

Though with any luck this bad mamma-jamma will be done by Sunday.  Double eeee!

I got the last little bit of experimentation and color finalizing done last night. 

same bit of paper from yesterday - no with extra color experiments
Because I'm working on one part of the model in isolation (which, granted, is a bit odd and seemingly counterproductive), I'm keeping the old sheets of tracing paper on the off chance I may need them for color reference.  I'm also taking copious notes on recipes as well.  One of the dangers of working on one bit separately is that you always run the risk of it not 'matching'.  I aim to minimize that as completely as possible.  It helps that my color choices aren't all that complex.  So does the fact that some of my recipes are old standbys.

Here's a shot of the claw with the black and gold bits finished (grainy, I know - but real shots are coming)

The gold bits are actually something I'm quite proud of, even if the recipe is a certified Bob Ross Happy Accident (tm).  As I may have mentioned in the past, gold paint always seems to have shit coverage and often comes out lumpy if you try and force it.

One of the fun tricks I've picked up from my previous subscription to White Dwarf is mixing the metallic paint with a regular color (often a brown in the case of golds) for a base coat.  This can also be used to get some very cool weathered metal effects as well.

While looking for a good compliment to my favorite gold of ALL TIME (P3 Brass Balls), I stumbled across a good combination that not only solved coverage problems but gave me an amazing weathered brass look.

P3 Brass Balls + VMC English Uniform.  Build up layers by adding more Brass Balls, shade it and then work in some silver into the mix and I've got my new favorite recipe.

Its so good I had to poop.

Not too sure what I'm going to do tonight - I may go ahead and paint the claws - though that recipes IS a bit complicated.  I may instead shade the rest of the bits and see what's what.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

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