Monday, March 21, 2011

Tyberos the Red Wake - Day 8

I had planned to get more done than I did, but all too frequently, I just don't have the time/energy to completely devote myself to painting after I get home from work.  Though I always try to get at least a little bit done so that I'm at least making some progress, not mater how minor. 

So as a heads up - the next few days are gonna be a bit lame.

A failed experiment with oil paint and my acquisition of the OnG army book didn't help either.

On the plus side, the base is done:

pictures still 'off' somehow - I have it narrowed down to a camera setting issue

I then touched up some airbrushing mistakes on the base coat and blocked out a bunch of the areas that will be metallic so I could begin the shading process.

This picture doesn't really show it off as much as I'd like, but you can see how the color gradients I'm using on the legs to cheat the highlighting process a bit.

There was an abortive attempt to use oil paint to do some shading, but it just quite didn't work out and instead of depositing a nice and thin burnt umber tone to the nooks and cranies, I ended up glazing the experiment brown.  Oh well.  I didn't want to wait a day or more for paint to dry anyways.

I moved into a Devlan Mud and P3 Armor Wash combo that I like, but it's tedious, it was later in the night than I wanted and the greenskins were calling.  Here's the progress:

the colors are really off on this one.
Like I said, not as much progress as I had hoped.  But progress nonetheless.

At this point I'm moving a little further into unfamiliar territory so it may be time to fully paint up one part of the model as a sort of test to see what a finished sample of the colors will look like.  I guess I'll see how I feel when I sit down later today.

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