Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tyberos the Red Wake - Day 9

I got a lot done yesterday in the sense that I made a bunch of important decisions and got a successful proof of concept done on my recipe for gray.  Hell, I even nailed down the chipping effect on the armor.

But not enough work has been done on the one part that I worked on to make me get out my light box

As I've said, free time in the middle of the week is at a premium.  Though I will probably be finding some time to shoe horn in some prep work an an Eldrad Ulthran model while I kill the two dead hours (3 days a week) that arise from only having one car for two people.

No close ups, but here's a shot of my work area and the wet palette I was doing color tests on:

 For what it's worth, here's a cropped picture of the arm in all its grainy goodness:

Once I get some cool looking progress done, I'll do a real shoot.

But as a bonus to make up for today's lameness: astute readers will notice that I'm using the Masterson Sta-wet palette that seems to be so popular these days. 

I've had it for about a year, and through trial and error, I can save you some time thanks to my own experiences.

Don't bother with the fancy plastic papery thing that comes with the palette.  If you're like me, you don't have the time to dick around with waiting fifteen minutes to soak the sheet every damn time you want to paint.

Looking at similar products, you'll note that the P3 palette has some disposable paper.  Don't get that either.

Get some tracing paper or some baking paper (it MUST be grease free - i.e.: no silicone coating) and save yourself a lot of irritation.

Tonight I'll be working on my recipe for black and maybe starting to dick around with the metals.

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