Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tyberos the Red Wake - Day 6

Back on track - no problems last night.  Just some nice, although incremental, progress.

Tyberos FINALLY got his base coat on.  P3 Bastion Gray - my favorite gray EVAR!  Possible my favorite miniature paint color as well.  Which I know makes me a bit lame... especially once you know that a couple of browns are duking out for second place...  maybe I'm not as interesting as previously thought.

This Tyberos project and even just the Space Sharks (Carcharadons) in general gave me a little bit of a squee when it dawned on me that I had an excuse to paint a whole army with Bastion Gray.  Though sanity and WHFB have been nagging at me for some time so it may be that Tyberos sits in the case alone.  Like a BOSS, however.  Non of this 'forever alone' crap.

This is where I wanted to be a day ago.

Basic construction on the... base... ugh...  was finished as well.  The bottom half got its last little bit if bling when I added some more pipes and shit to it.  Got that bitch a pipe. Bitches love pipes.  Wait.. what?

I also added a little bit of some pumice paste in a few sections to look like dirt and or grit.  The top part got a primer coat and then it was time for some Super Meat Boy.

Another shit picture.
I also reviewed a Massive Voodoo video tutorial for a technique I;m gonna use.  Its long and in German and it was a little bit of a bitch to figure some of the stuff out, but very useful.  Here are the four parts if you're interested. 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

As I write this it occurs to me that before too long, I'm going to need to make a light box if I have any hope of showing off the more exciting parts of the process. 

All the work I'm doing today (on a day off, no less) is gonna kind of jump ahead a bunch of steps.  I thought about live blogging it - and I still may- but we'll see.  Catch you tomorrow.

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