Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tyberos the Red Wake - Day 7

Due to scheduling weirdness at work thanks to Spring Break, I only ended up with one day off this week.  But I sure as hell made the most of it.

I got some pseudo color modulation done on the figure itself - important but uninteresting.  So no pics.

However, I completely killed the base.  Once the water effect dries, all I have to do is glue the two halves together and its ready for a Terminator to stand on it.

I started out with the top plate due to time constraints and the noise rules of my apartment complex.

The Massive Voodoo tutorials I linked to yesterday were put to good use:

this picture is a bit washed out.
I'm actually really proud of this.  Though there's a stray metallic paint brush stroke that I just discovered is bothering me.  Easily fixable.

With that done - and most of the need to run my noisy air compressor, I moved onto the bottom.  Which I had much less of a plan for.  Which is a mixed bag.  On the one hand, these kind of one-off projects are great because the result doesn't have to reproducible across an entire army.  There's a lot of room to experiment and shoot from the hip.  You know, to actually paint.

But there's also this nagging feeling that I need more shooting from the hip practice.  I constantly worry about color balance and contrast and so on and so forth.  But then again, I need to leave your comfort zones to really learn.  I'm overall happy with the result, but there's always that nagging doubt.  Looking back, I Probably should have moved further on the model itself before going whole hog on the base.

I guess we'll see what's waht when the model is done.

The white band is a gluing point.

At this point, I've already applied the water effect, but I absolutely can't photograph it until its closer to dry.  And I may need a second layer.  I'll try and get some pics of that for tomorrow.

Lots of progress for this post.  Unfortunately, it might be a little slow for the rest of the week as I resume my regular work schedule.  I'll try and keep it cool,  but we all may just have to suck it in.

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