Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tyberos te Red Wake - Supplemental #1

In the continuing saga of my mad quest to improve the worsening situation in Libya by painting a Tyberos miniature, I embarked on a side quest.

One of the great joys of painting little plastic/metal/resin mans is that once you're done, you have something to show for all your work.  Which is all good and well for face to face interaction.  But if you're gonna blog about it then you need to show your work there too.  Otherwise people might think you're a liar or quickly lose interest in baseless claims of skill.

I've been... well... kinda almost completely falling down on that.

As part of my day by day documentation, I need to take pictures of the Tyberos model for things to be even remotely interesting.  As the model gets more detailed and nuanced, doing a couple of quick snappies just isn't gonna cut the mustard.

Time to take pictures and time to remove the excuse that I hide behind when I don't.

My pictures have always been kinda shitty in my mind.  Neither showing the correct colors nor doing justice to the model in question.  Largely because of lighting issues. Easily solvable issues...

So, I stopped being a lazy jackass and I built a light box.  Out of tracing paper and a cardboard box.  No idea why I didn't do this a year ago, but there you have it.

Expect to see more pictures out of me, 'cuz this thing is a wonder.  Just a little more tweaking with my camera setup and I think I'm golden.

And here are some test shots with some Daemons that I've been painting:

The colors are just a bit off - especially the red (which drives me up the wall!)- and washed out , but its the closest I've been to happy with macrophotography in 4 years.

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  1. Um....hai.
    Sorta new around here.
    First real visit, first comment, yadda, yadda...

    But right away I got wrapped up in the content you've got up 'round here. Cool friggin' stuff, man.

    In the last year or so I've been trying to up my 'hobby skills,' so the little tips and tricks I'm picking up just following this Tyberos saga are mega-helpful.
    Thanx for you explanations and pics!

    But this....this's amazing! So gosh-darn clever!
    Since I've actually painted some models that are...somewhat pic-worthy, I will TOTALLY be stealing this idea from you.

    Oooh- there's a 'follow' thingy!
    Oh, I'm SO there....

    Seriously- dude, this is good stuff
    *points at everything*
    Thank you!