Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tyberos the Red Wake - Day 10

The pics from this post will look suspiciously like yesterday's.  Such is life.  Monday - Wednesday, I can only put about an hour/hour and a half in due to time constraints.  I'm trying to be productive as possible and do all the little things that'll slow me down come this weekend.

Like color tests.

Last night I got the silver metallics figured out (nothing too fancy) and dicked around with a color test for the rippy claws (the beastman axe).

In an effort to make these posts about small amounts of progress worth something, I'm endeavoring to add in little turdlets (copy right 2011, Brent.  All rights reserved) of knowledge.

Lets talk metallic paint.  but not gold paint... yet.  It always almost sucks anyways.

Silver paint!  One of the big reasons that the Citadel silvers (mithril, chainmail and boltgun) are a kind of gold silver standard is because the metallic flakes and the pigment are so fine.  When you paint with one of those colors, the resulting surface isn't gonna have noticeable metal flakes.  Its a very solid and continuous silver surface.

Even when I was full on against GW paints (out of principle or some shit... who knows), I always kept the three silvers around.  The Vallejo stuff is just not all that great and even the P3 silvers have they're issue (not the least of which is the awful quality of all of the P3 metallics).

But experience and some chance encounters have allowed me to find another cool little trick.

Painting a base coat with the GW silvers is pretty good.  But highlighting can be a bit of a bitch - especially if you're thinning those paints at all to get the flow you want.  So use the Vallejo model air paints!

Because the paints are designed to be sprayed straight outta the dropper, the pigment and the metal flakes are very fine (even finer than the GW paints).  Plus, the paint consistency is already about where you'd want it. but without any being unduly runny.

So give it a shot!

Now that I've blown your minds, I'm off!  Stay tuned tomorrow for another installment of slow progress.  Though things WILL be awesome once I hit Thursday night.

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