Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Idea for a TV Show

For all three of you who still play Warhammer Fantasy, you know that GW just released the latest Vampire Counts book and a whole bunch of new models.  For the rest of you, consider yourselves knowledge slapped!

There's the neat-o Coven Throne, a much needed Black Knight update and even a strangely attractive Isabella Von Carstein.

But all of that is stupid and lame because Gw also released a new Krell. And he is about as bad-ass as a model can legally get.  In Canada, he comes with a government warning about eye damage in young children.  In China, he is banned as a threat to the communist party.  To be safe, you should probably only take him in an army list if you plan on playing in international waters.

Admittedly, I'm not going to be starting a Fantasy army any time soon.  Neither is most of the world's population.  Never the less, the word needs to get out and I have the perfect vehicle for that message!

A quirky sit-com aimed at children!

Admittedly, the idea is a little rough (so is my concept art), and getting the TV rights for Krell could be a challenge - but I think this could work as an entertainment product.

Here's a handy list of reasons why my plan will work:

1) Krell is awesome.
2) Kids will, literally, watch any old bullshit with bright colors & slapstick comedy and Krell is his generation's Groucho Marx.
3) Kenan Thompson's career never really took off, so he should be willing to work for cheap - which would free up some money to get Krell.
4) It's not just for kids.  Nostalgia is big money these days! I'm sure there's a group of 20 somethings out there who fondly remember (for reasons that I can't fathom) the old show that I'm repackaging.
5) Even though zombies are FINALLY dropping off in cultural relevance, this show couldn't be any worse than the Walking Dead so I feel like there's an opportunity for a quick cash grab before people realize what's going on.
6) Spin-off potential.
7) This would be another great way for GW to pad it's earnings report.
8) Did I mention that I'm great at thinking of things for lists?


  1. Congratulations!
    You are now officially a knuclehead!

  2. Good at filler posts too, aincha?

  3. @sinsynn - high praise. thank you, my friend.

    @von - you wound me sir, I used photoshop and everything!

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  5. Man, he looks bad ass... so bad ass infact, that I bet once Finecast gets finished turning him into swiss cheese, he'll still look bad ass.

  6. Love da post, love the concept shot, lets go to print !

    Krell is da awesome, shame its 8th and made from failcrap...

  7. I just need his axe and only his axe!

  8. dude, Kell is the one with no career. Keenan's recent credits include several seasons of SNL, Fat Albert, and Snakes on a Mother-fucking plane.

  9. "Who loves orange soda?"
    "Is it truuuue?"