Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Plan

Hello and welcome to 2012 at Laubersheimer Industries.  I've long since dropped (about a day before my first post) the premise that this blog was going to be written in the style of psuedo-corporate press releases, so there's not going to be any clever "company status report and money making progress fiscal year briefing" thing.  Which is a damn shame because there's a great tie in opportunity with GW's half year report being released recently.

On the other hand, by not forcing the style, I can get away with 49 word run-on sentences (see above).  Hell, that probably qualifies me to write for Forgeworld so long as I own a good thesaurus as well(1).

Thank god their models aren't made out of words.
Which brings me to the subject of the new year and the sundry resolutions I have made and want to share with you.

According to the slander and libel against the ancient Mayans and their crazy calender, 2012 is going to be the LITERAL END OF THE WORLD.  You likely already know this and may be surprised that I bring it up.  But hey, I'm already balls deep in a hackneyed post about new year's resolutions, so it's a little late for dinner and tickets to the opera.  Mostly I just want to point out that, according to actual reality, 2012 is kind of a big deal (in a good way) for the Mayans and we should all be celebrating(2).

While I'm on the subject, the Roman numerals for this decade and the last jut haven't been all that great since MCM became MM.  13 years ago, it was still fun to write out Roman numerals. MCMXCVIII.  Awesome!  MMXII.  Not awesome.

New Year's Resolutions
Lots of bloggers are doing this, so I thought I might get in on that action.   yeah it's 10 days late, but these are gonna be good resolutions.  It takes time to craft them.  Shaking off the effects of New Years Eve for the first two days didn't help much either.

This caused the first morning after vomit in 4 years and spawned a post on the HoP.
I'm going to order these by the likelihood that I'll actually complete them. This way, even though I am definitely padding the list to make myself look good in 12 months, we'll all be on the same page.  It's a bit self defeating, but so are most new year's resolutions.  Since this is a gaming blog, I'll try and skew most of these towards my hobby's.  But a few hilarious IRL goals may make it in here.

Easy Mode:

  • Ensure that all physical evidence that I ever wanted to start a ska band is destroyed.
  • Figure out why my one co-worker has an entire drawer full of nothing but candy that only I know about.
  • Play more Malifaux with Special Lady Friend
  • Finish painting and converting that Battle Masters Tower for use with Malifaux

Medium Difficulty:
  • Finish painting that last Eldar Fire Prism
  • Be named an honorary British person(3) despite my hatred of most British television and my contention   that far too many British accents sound more like speech impediments than legitimate regional patterns of pronunciation(4).
  • Steer any conversation about US accents away from Boston at all costs.
  • Try to avoid spending money on 40k models until 6th edition comes out
  • Have more painted Malifaux models than unpainted - at least a 3/1 ratio before years end.

Actual Challenges:

  • Make measurable progress on either my Daemons or Space Angels 40k armies
  • Sell off Time Spiral block M:tG collection
  • Loss some weight.  
  • Publish more posts on my personal blog this year than I did last year.
  • Follow through on ALL of my series ideas for the House of Paincakes(5)

Lies I'm Telling Myself:

  • learn how to paint faster.
  • Finish either my Daemons or Space Angels 40k armies
  • Get out of the apartment to play games with strangers
  • Finish that Forgeworld Thunderbolt I bought
  • Don't jump factions (again) in Malifaux until the current masters and crews are painted
  • Shave more often

Well, I think that's about it.  If and when progress is made, I'll try and revisit this list.  

Here's to a new year!(6)  

------[Foot Notes]---------------------------------
(1): I do.
(2): linking to wikipedia, is still out of the question though.  Go look it up, it's not as boring as it could be.
(3):  I was named an honorary Asian person in 2011, but I'm fairly certain that it didn't count since the
       committee only consisted of one actual Asian person and a woman named 'Asia'.(a)
            (a): true story
(4):  Especially you, Jonathan Ross.
(5):  Seriously, I've got some doozies in the ol' brain box.
(6):  And a hopeful escape from Wretched Connecticut.


  1. Don't worry about shaving more often until or unless you have seen TheBoy on his wild days. He's a beast.

  2. Hee, destroying evidence of failed musical dreams is always fun. My lyrics folder has been dead and buried for three years now... mercifully.

    Good luck with your resolutions. I seem to be doing okay with mine so far and I've barely had to cheat at Project 365...

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Wow Lauby, you're popular enough for people to actually spam your blog!!! That's awesome.

    Any way 'plans' are mistakes from the start. If you have a plan it can go wrong. I'm worried I'm perilously close to failing in one of my New Years resolutions already. Sometimes I loathe myself and my lack of will power... but hey good luck with it man. I'll be rooting for you!

  5. I've been working on the whole "learn to paint faster" for years. Still hasn't happened, being a slow-painter is a life sentence. Case in point, I have not update my blog in nearly 3 months.

  6. What's wrong with Ska? I've seen Madness live twice, and I'm only 26, lest ye forget?

    Ska will never be uncool.