Sunday, November 11, 2007

Precipice of Peril!

Since the last post, things have been moving along. I have not one, but two deathrippers painted and based. The red and gold scheme I'm using looks great with the slate/beach bases I'm using. The pistol wraith in the 'current projects' list is almost done. Just a bit more detailing and then it gets coated and affixed to its already made base.

So, what about the Dark Angels. Well, some news there as well. I received my linebreker squadron. Its awesome. But I'm so burnt out on painting vehicles that I just can't go ahead and finish the razorback. To that end, the razorback (as well as all of the remaining dark angels) have been put on the back burner for the time being. Not that I or anyone who knows my habits are surprised. I start projects all of the time that get sidetracked. Its how I keep from getting too bored with painting and take a long break.

So, I finish the wraith tonight/tomorrow and start on my overpaid mercenary, Gorman. On a related note, while trying to get his base pins set, I accidentally shredded part of his leg. With unusual sculpting skill, I was able to repair him with some greenstuff. I am curious to see how it looks.

Picture of some finished models should be up soon.

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