Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amazing Web-utilities

I found these two sites while looking for color equivalencies for Reaper Master Series paints. I may not have found anything close to Golden Blond, but I did find these amazing, free tools.

They're both color matching tools you can use to find equivalencies between paint brands. Extremely useful when you come across recipes that call for a color you don't have or can't easily get.

The Miniature Painter's Paint Database:
While both tools are useful, this one is less so. It's equivalencies are a bit far from complete and the paint ranges included are fewer (7 in total). However, this tool makes it much easier to see a complete color chart. This allows you to compare entire lines in a quicker fashion. But it still pales in comparison too...

Silicon Dragon's Color Match Tool:
First thing's first. This color match tool is fucking amazing. The above Paint Database is good, but the color match tool is better by a very wide margin. It has an insane amount of paint lines represented - everything from the more common offerings to various artists colors to all kinds of military modeler crowd stuff. Hell, even various craft paint lines are in here. Its madness!

And that's just the beginning, the real power here is that this tool allows you to match any color from any paint line to a multitude of paints from numerous other lines, at the same time WITH COLOR SWATCHES! You can even look for colors based on an RGB value. Yikes. It matches by brand, by finish and by type as well. I just can't say enough good things about this tool.

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