Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Primer and U2

Had I known that I would been writing a followup to the primer article I would have named the first one Optimus Primer and this one Rodimus Primer. Instead of that pretty bad joke, you get an even crappier one about aging British rock sensations.

Distancing myself quickly from the above puns:

I got a reader comment from AoM which I will respond to in two (duex) parts:

GW doesn't actually sell a primer anymore. Ever notice that they switched the name of the product from "Primer" to "Chaos Black/Skull White Spray"? Primer is primer. spray paint is not. Right about the time they switched to the cheaper product (spray paint) is when they also switched to the $15+ per can. When you're "priming" plastic models, it doesn't matter nearly as much, but for metal and resin, a true primer is pretty important.

I dunno, ye olde online store still shows a can clearly labeled as 'white primer'. To be completely fair, I haven't looked at GW spray paints in an actual store for quite a white. I might have to check that out to see if I can get some confirmation. If I had 15 bux to burn, I'd order it direct and see what came in the mail. If it IS still that same white primer I have from a while ago, then it IS primer. It's just not all that great.

In any case, you're dead on about the Chaos Black spray. It doesn't say primer, so I can't honestly claim that it is. You, the astute reade, have created a need for an article edit so I can prevent bad informtion.

I'll agree with you on duplicolor. It's the best. And another thing about it that you didn't mention is that is dries very quickly, and will shrink slightly as it dries if you're prone to heavy priming. Depending on the model, I'll over-prime a bit because I know that the duplicolor will not fill in my details.

Yes and yes. These are further excellent reasons to use Duplicolor. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I was aware of the drying time but forgot to mention it. As to the shrinkage, I hadn;t even thought about it until you mentioned it. Agian, thanks.

In keeping with my 'knowledge base' aprroach to this site, I've edited the article in question to reflect better data.

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