Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Its been a hell of a fortnight.

My lady-friend had the twin titans of mono and a bladder infection to deal with and their was a healthy does of fear over some layoffs at work.

Stress related loss of sleep and a lack of blog posts as a result.

Thankfully, Angie's on the road to health and I still have a job. Let the good times role.

Dragon Age: Origins isn't helping either. And since I haven't run into any Mass Effect "oh, captain, my captain" moments (yet - this IS a bioware game) I'm likely to finish it.

I'll try to get some posting done in the next week or so.

If there's any topic people want me to cover, just drop me a line


  1. I am amused that you have a 'lame update' tag. Truly, though, it's understandable for real life to walk up and smack you every now and then.

    I'm curious to hear about your armies, truth be told. I saw 'eldar' mentioned in some other posts. DETAILS. I REQUIRE THEM. Please? And rationale for it.

  2. dude (f)unemployment is the greatest. you did not dodge a bullit on that one :)