Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update: Dinosaurs Are Still Super Fucking Rad

Just wanted to remind everyone that nothing has changed since you were five years old: dinosaurs are still super fuckin' rad. You may have forgotten that fact or maybe added some swear words into your dino-describing vocabulary, but it doesn't make it any less true.

Dinosaurs. Are. Super. Fucking. Rad.

Speaking of dinosaurs and how rad* they are, lets talk about Lizardmen. A while ago I wrote a sort of PSA on dinosaurs back in the halcyon days of November of 2009. Man, those were good times - the meatloaf was always warm, all the bras lifted & separated and we could all laugh at someone taking a shot in the balls. Now you kids have your damn pac-man video games, your rock n' roll and your crazy hairstyles. Fah!

The world fell apart because their wasn't enough talk about dinosaurs... and Lizardmen... but not Lizard Man or his stupid photanium body cells (seriously though, his photanium body cells are idiots). To help rectify the situation, I'm taking it upon myself to talk about dinosaurs and Lizardmen. I'll just give you a little taste today. Look for more later.


Thanks to an astronomical event, consumerism and a weird amalgam of pagan and christian traditions I usually get a bunch of presents on December 25th. This last x-mas I conspired to make my dream of spending as little of my own money as possible on a 7 stegadon army come true.

It actually worked. Just take a look at my powers of owning things:

Much to my own surprise (and my Girlfriend's as well), I only had to spend about 44 bux** on dinosaurs once the dust had settled from all the gift-giving. That's for all the models I need for the army and including the army book. I'm just going to take a second to bask in that.

Be right back.


Ahhhhhhh. Delightful.

Now, here's a song for this phase of the project. Its vaguely related to dinosaurs, even.***

Now, I just need to finish up the Eldar. Curses!

---Foot Notes--------------------------------------------------
*Scientifically speaking, dinosaurs are 3.456 x 1012 rad. Or, almost totally rad. Which is pretty fuckin' rad.

** For those of you who are interested, the regular retail price of this army would be about $358. Assuming a 20 percent discount, about $287. Not too bad for a full army in the first place. Something to keep in mind.

***Also, I got to play with embedding youtube videos. I've decided its a pretty rad concept - not as rad as dinosaurs or Lizardmen, but pretty rad. Maybe like 2.999 x 109 rad.


  1. I am happy just seeing this, go dinosaurs!

    Music video is super fucking rad.

  2. If getting a boner when thinking about dinosaurs is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  3. I already own this shirt, but think that you might want to check it out as well.

    how awesome would you be if you showed up to a game with your dinosaurs with that bad boy on?

  4. That is totally going to happen, my man.

  5. Well, I can defo support your mighty super f-ing rad Stego army with my foot-sloggers. I have to say, I love your idea with this. You should paint one up in Godzilla colors....

  6. As someone who also writes about the radness of the Lizzies over at YTTH, I too can attest to how rad they are.

    Rad on, my brother. Rad on.

  7. Load and clear, my man.

    Been reading and diggin' your lizardmen articles since day one, btw.

  8. You sir are an officer and a gentleman.