Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Logo

Testing out a new logo and fiddling with the html. Bear with me as I play with things.

Comments and feedback would be appreciated.


  1. digging it.

    Maybe move the "Science future technology up to where industries is and make industries a little bigger to make it easier to read.

    also move the fading a little closer to the middle, your shading a fucking awesome looking tank a bit to much imo.

    then again, I'm on my netbook so it may not look this way on a normal screen.

  2. Hey Lauby, I finally have a test model ready to dump on the unsuspecting public. I took your advice, did several, looked 'em over, threw them away and did this one...

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate your ideas. Without a doubt, my efforts would have been scattered without it.


    PS - Sorry for the 'Lauby' - I can't remember how to spell Laubersheimer when I'm typing away on a post.

  3. I'm digging the new logo, and I agree that shading out that awesome Pred is a crying shame.

  4. fixed the shading and cleaned up the whole thing in general.

  5. much better. Your baal is much more visible now...

  6. And we all want a good view of Lauby's Baals.


  7. I think it looks great old bean >golf clap< the logo would look sweet on stickers... :)