Monday, October 11, 2010

Take Your Readers to Work Day

While I was shooting some awful pictures of some works in progress, I decided to go all out and document my entire hobby cave.  So, lots of pics, not that many words.  There's also a few random things I found on the camera and a few re-shoots that I took when I went through the camera's memory this afternoon and found some things where the flash hadn't gone off.

My hobby cave is actually a large closet attached to the loft area of my apartment.  It was actually one of the selling points for the only decent apartment we found when we first moved out to Connecticut.  We didn't know anyone out or even have the first clue to the housing situation so our efforts in tracking down housing were a bit rough.  This was made worse by the fact that the extreme distance we were moving (1000 miles) and short time frame only allowed for one trip out here to look before we moved.  The place we moved into was great, but considerably more expensive than we wanted.  In any case, we decided to spend more money on a nice place rather than being miserable in a cheaper, crappy place.  In any case, special lady friend was  gracious enough let me use it right from the first day we moved in.  Being in a loving and supporting relationship kicks a whole ton of ass. 

OK, lets get started!

Oh, and be sure to click on the images for the large versions.

A proof of concept for the bases for my Daemon army  There's also a bit of foam there that a typically keep handy for when I need to rest the actual model on a safe surface during painting.

The aforementioned WIPs - my plaguebearers and the turret to a Fire Prism.  The lower shelf is storage for random things - weathering powders, old foam, air brush related jars and some painting rigs I use for priming.

A shot of the back wall.  The wooden shelf is full of the biggest part of my unpainted models and kits that will likely never see a brush.  The foam and the board in the corner are for terrain making (actually, I need to get rid of the foam) and the shelf on the right is where all kinds of random things go - a tiny collection of legos for terrain, my army case and some other odds and ends.  Most of it stored in boxes that have no relation to the actual contents.

The Lower half of that same shelf and the earlier shelf.  Lots of bits in lots of boxes, my painting book/magazine collection and a whole bunch of other random crap.  You can also see my handy-dandy hair dryer and the elaborate combination of protective layers to keep the carpet as safe as possible for deposit saving purposes.  Though three years and two cats have endeavored to make the rest of the carpet in the place a lost cause. 

More storage on the high shelves - mostly stuff I'll never use and some old terrain projects.  The astute observers will notice the Dark Millennium box and the Tyderian Shuttle.  Also, the first view of the actual painting table.

And here it is - the place where my magic happens.  You've got my wet pallet, my laptop, my lights and the retarded amount of paint I own.  I tend to buy a lot of paint over the course of my many experiments.  The online color chits are largely useless, so I expend a lot of time/money looking for that perfect shade.  Plus, I like colors in general and the convenience a collection of this depth offers. Sadly, this means that a lot of the paint never gets used beyond a few small tests. Oh well.

Despite the fact that I have a whole section of the apartment dedicated to my hobbies, space is at a premium.  So no fancy spray both for me.  Instead, I've got an old rhino box and some cut up manila folders.  It works, though.  For a point of reference, this was taken during the drying times while varnishing some plaguebearers.

A shot of my we pallet, filthy laptop used for TV watching and my collection of spray paint.  And seriously, I do mean filthy... the laptop that is.  Also underpowered as its five years old.  But it still has a DVD player.  Lots of MST3K has been watched on that mofo.  Also a another shelf full of old bits and models.  You collect a lot of stuff over the years. 

My air compressor and a tangle of wires.  The towel is there for a variety of purposes.  Currently it's serving as clutter.  Also my trash and the bottle of windex I use for air brush cleaning.

Welp, that's about for the tour of my hobby cave.  Sadly, no RPG stuff today since this post is so long.  If anyone has any questions, pop 'em in the comments.


  1. Mmmm Monty Python...

    Oh and I showed your self and table pictures to my wife, and she said "And I thought you had a lot of 'little men'.

  2. man, I gotta say you're actually slightly more organized than I would have expected these days :)

  3. Is that a Battle Masters tower up on your shelf? That brings back some memories.

  4. @ k.blas and alex: good eyes, guys.

    @dethtron: yeah, I kinda surprise myself sometimes.

  5. Your walls are so white! Get some display shelves or posters on there!