Monday, June 20, 2011

Strike Three

First thing's first - while digging through my own archives for links, I discovered a number of times where I was flat wrong and one time where I was mostly wrong.  So, in no particular order - Warmachine MkII turned out to be fine, percentages made there way into Warhammer Fantasy and GW did switch to resin.  Though it was this special kind of hybrid and everything I said about them needing new molds was correct. 

Gotta keep that ego in check.

Now - the real reason I'm writing today. 

Eve since GW stated there "What's New Today" post on the main site, I've been in love with it.  It's an example of GW understanding the appeal of the blogging thing from an audience viewpoint as well as a frequent source of inspiration.  Frankly, it's a masterpiece of the marketing arts - a sales pitch that people actually go out of there way to get into contact with.

But as time has passed, there's also an added bit of hilarity that has been subtly running through the updates in the form of a number of articles that directly contradict what the FAAC crowd and the fluff purists have been telling the world is the right way to play Warhams.

There's this army list that not only takes an MSU approach to army building but is also heavy mech and 'spams' units.  Who would have figured that all it would take for an army Stelek might have designed to get onto the GW mother ship was a good paint job?

Then there was this bit on special characters in JJ's own words.  A personal favorite, I might add - and one that works well with the blurb about disparate chapters in the Smurf codex.  Turns out that special characters are awesome and that if GW made rules for a model, they intend for you to take it in games.

And now we have a definitive answer on whether or not GW gives two shits about count's as Space Marines.  The answer is that GW do indeed give two shits about the subject.  You see, GW would very much like you to spend money on their products in whatever way you see fit.  

All three of these post were written by GW about GW employees.  There is exactly no room for interpretation. GW say: enjoy your hobby your way - we certainly do.

Which has always been there line.  It just boggles the mind that a frustratingly large group of the 40k population have lived, eaten and breathed Games Workshop's mantra of 'do what you want and have fun' and come to the conclusion that there is ONE way to enjoy the hobby.


  1. I love the count-as space marines.

    It's been book-marked just in case anybody brings up that shitty argument ever again!

  2. The usual crowd already went for "he coverted his army, is NOT THE SAME as the guy who uses his old CSM minis".

    Is the usual "If I have to buy a new army, then so do he" aka one of the major reasons for Marine hate.