Sunday, November 20, 2011

News Interlude

A little bit more of a delay than I wanted between this post and the last.  But I had a nasty little illness that knocked me off my feet for most of the week in which I planned on writing.  I guess that's what a sinus infection will do for ya.  Incidentally, did you know that sinus infection can be contagious?  So if, say, you Girlfriend has a sinus infection and she tells you it's not contagious, she's probably wrong - and you should stay the hell away from the business end of her plague furnace of a nose.

"Yeah, man.  It's completely safe to touch me."
On the other hand, I got some time to catch up with current events, which wasn't all that great since the two big stories for me ranged from extremely fucking terrible to moderately shitty.
  • The Penn State tragedy sure was fun?  I don't know about you guys but I totally get why FOOTBALL was placed in front of child safety. This one is especially relevant to me since I have a good friend at ground zero in a town he describes as having a "low level of humanity".  That's not a pro-Paterno statement, fyi.  Despite being from something awful, this is the most accurate timeline I've found. 
  • It turns out that Frank Miller is not just a bigot.  No, no.  It turns out that he is a well rounded and complete piece of shit. 

Man, that was depressing.   Good thing I chopped this off of the bat rep I was planning on doing.  Score one for not muddying the message!  But minus one for a non-hobby post on a hobby blog.  Stupid zero sum games.


  1. It's worth noting that the cops had him on tape in the 90's apologizing to the mother of a boy he molested. Charges never filed, investigator disappeared. "Low level of humanity" sounds about right.

  2. for the record if you look way back in the warmachine forums you will find a very long winded rant from yours truly about how racist the film adaptation of 300 was.

  3. Child abuse is something that sadly happens the world over. What is confusing us here over the pond with this story is just how many people knew about it and covered it up!!! The mind truly boggles, only the Catholic church can beat them for complicity. A very, very sad indictment on all concerned, and an especially sad condemnation of the "power and importance" placed on sport in the USA. There is just so much wrong with this story that defies all sense of human decency... but the way the press have covered the story at times just seems horrifyingly biased. To quote my better half when she saw the news reports coming out of the States "What the f@&% is wrong with these people?"

  4. Ooh, Frank Miller.

  5. Link Dethtron? I do love a good rant.