Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pre-Heresy iron Warriors Project: Beginnings

I've gotten most of the materials I need to get started on this new project. However, I still await the arrival of my Forgeworld Red Scorpion parts. These are kinda key as I need them to complete 20 of my 31 marines. So, while I'm waiting, I've decided to post my, probably non-optimal, army list.

Note: I'm still playing around with some of the specifics of the equipment, so this list has changed a bit. Changes are highlighted in red.

Master of the Forge (120)
- storm bolter, power weapon

10-man Sternguard Squad (355)
- power fist, 5x combi-melta
- Drop Pod w/dethwind launcher

10-man Tactical Squad (220)
- Power Sword, flamer, multi-melta
- Rhino

10-man Tactical Squad (220)
- Power Sword, flamer, multi-melta
- Rhino

Heavy Support:
Whirlwind (85)

Total: 1000

I'm aiming at taking a fairly fluffly force with this list. I have the master of the forge and Whirlwind for obvious reasons. The tactical marines are in there as solid troops and an excuse to do some converting and the Sterngaurd are there because I love their models and rules.

the idea is to drop the Sternguard (with the Master of the Forge) into an enemy weakpoint while the rest of the marines move up under covering fire from the Whirlwind. I'll have to let you know how that goes for me once these guys actually see comabt.

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