Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick Hits - vol. 1

What the heck happened to the rest of the gaming board tutorial?
Sorry. I have eternal project ADD. Between working on my necromunda gang, Warhammer Online, making terrain and various other things (Wii), it got dropped. The boards are done and now a good section of terrain is as well.

Other Terrain
Been working on this off and on as well. Pretty heavily in August/early september, pretty lightly now. I have a lot of stuff done (including the new GW moon craters) and very little that I HAVE to get done to have a good selection.

GW Moonscape
Is pretty cool. Good, cheap ready made terrain is always a good time. the only downside was that I had to mount them on hardboard to deal with their relative flimsiness and hollowness. Overall, a great buy and very cool.

Not so much. Mostly been working on terrain and/or playing Warhammer online in my free time. I did work on some alternative marine color schemes and recipes, but nothing major or sustained.

Warhammer Online
Is awesome. Waaaghffle House is awesome. Best MMO I've played.

Imperial Amor vol 2
I got this some time ago. The IA books are amazing.

New Space marine Codex
Is sick. A totally great book (all info based on the pirated version I saw as well as the internet buzz). Great new units, adds much needed flexibility and "Snazz" to the marines. it also Gets rid of the stupid chapter traits system as well as beefs up a ton of equipment and adds a ton of new tweaks here an there. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to the Dark Angels - taking them from mediocre to worthless in a 140 pages.

Dark Angels
I had been doing a lot of reading about these guys as a matter of research. Overall, the codex WAS pretty good, if not lackluster. I had decided that I would need to play either Deathwing or Ravenwing to make thins worthwhile and had been gearing up to incororate those things into my battle company force. Still, the Dark Angels wer underpowerd and under flexible.

I even research some tricky Deathwing builds that involved Inquisitors and multi-melta devastator squads. I had even gotten as far as ordering some forgeworld Deathwing shoulders. Then the new Marine codex came out. Literally everything in the new 'dex was better than anything in the DA codex - cheaper units, better rules, better equipment and better characters.

All off a sudden, the dark angels were shit.

A list:
- new codex marines had better chapter master options. Azreal is overpriced and underpowered.
- new dex can take bike units as troops by inclusion of a couple of character options. Both are more flexible (can join units) and one is cheaper.
-Almost everything is cheaper in the new dex.
-Key peices of terminator equipment are now better in the new dex.
-New landraiders can carry more guys and the new dex can have more of them... OH and the newer and better machine spirt.
-New dex vindicators have a better dozer blade and cost less.
-Drop pod assault better than Deathwing assault

So, all the things that I wanted to do with my Dark Angels were going to be better with a different codex. Better terminators, tactical squads, cheaper bikes and better vindicators.
So, I am abandoning my Dark Angels for a new super-cool project. More on this later.

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