Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quck Hits - Volume 3

Another lengthy hiatus, another lengthy 'catching up' post.

New paint Job
As you may have noticed, the blog is getting a bit of a face lift. The new template should deal with some of the formatting issues I had as well as make things more readable. Still a few tweaks to be made, but it's nearly finished

New Focus
I think I may try to shake things up a bit on the ol' blog. A detailed chronicle of my gaming adventures can be kinda lame. So I might spice change things up a bit and try writing some 'articles' and such. Make this more of a soap box for my views on the hobby as well as a painting log. Maybe even gaming in general and talk about video games as well.

More Updates
I certainly hope so. But I am a liar when it comes to my blog post frequency.

The Iron Warriors Project
Is still going on after months of no progress thanks, in part, to Warhammer Online. That's over now, so I return you to my regularly slow pace of progress.

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