Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Limits of Good Taste and Knowing When to Pack It In - Part III

Doctor Thunder‘s Black Widow Space Marines –“I’m at a loss for words.”

Doctor Thunder really likes giant boobs and fem dom. He also has an unrealistic view of the ideal woman. He decided to incorporate these things into his gaming. The end result: space marines with tits and a host of creepy fan fiction.

While the previous examples were more offensive (and stupid) more than anything else, the booby marines fall firmly in the creepy category (and are stupid). Mind bogglingly so. Maybe they are offensive... so creepy they're offensive? Even more boggling is the fact that people seem to love his space transsexuals. I do not. Despite public opinion and a hinted at Games Day award, I find his creations to be, well, gross and pathetic.

I also polled some ladies to see what they thought In fairness this was only my girlfriend - but hey, it’s my shoddy journalism, not yours. Among musings on the need for some kind of psychological help (sex therapist or otherwise), this being ‘fucked up’ and refusing to look past the first page of pics, the thing that she said that stands out the most is this:

It’s like a little kid with crayons scribbling on everything. Except its boobs

I think that sums things up nicely. Ol’ Doc Thunder has clearly decided that while a few boobs on certain models is good, putting boobs on everything is so awesome it makes his boner explode. Later on I will subject you to more of his pubescent boy understanding of sex and women.

Not gonna comment on the paint job or modeling – its table top standard. Though, the construction of so many greenstuff breasts is a misuse of putty. Also, People also really need to learn that there are other techniques beside dry-brushing*. I just want to point out that the whole concept and execution is a little disturbing – especially in light of the fan fiction (interspersed in his threads).

Fan Fiction Fun Facts:
1.) His lady marines may OR may not participate in sexual debauchery.
2.) The finest enemy soldiers are captured as breeding stock - i.e. for sexin'
3.) “Mammory glands noted to be unusually large for frame (89th percentile for standard human female).” + “The subject’s brain’s pleasure center is approximately 38% larger then in found in standard human females” Direct quotes. Yikes.
4.) His battle reports are… insightful as well (note the 'breeders captured' stat after each battle)

So, we get even deeper into some sexual fantasies. Delightful. We now have some creepy background to go with his freakish boob marines.

Bonus: He has a wife who has apparently been briefed on all this and made no apparent attempt to stop it.

Bonus 2: He has posted his army on a ton of other forums to spread the creepy around. He is very, very proud of himself.

Thankfully, there are a handful of people who aren't giving Doc Thunder text based hand-jobs and actually agree with my point of view. The internet is saved.

So… here we are at the end of another project that should have been scrapped before it got to this point. This point in question being finished and proudly displayed. So, before you decide to create an army based on your fan fiction centering around your hentai sexual fantasies, please don’t. Don’t be ‘that guy’. Don’t subject the rest of us to your creepy fucking army.


  1. i played that guy once... i guess you don't get a battle report if you beat him... i wonder, if he would have captured breeders from my orks...

  2. Blech. For your sake I hope he didn't have a boner while you guys played.

  3. He seems so humble when he gets paired up with scrubs and can win a tournament. I bet if he gets beat at a tourney he deletes the piles of pictures he took of previous games and burns his camera just so no one can see the humiliation. Hes a poor player / list builder, he takes credit for work someone else does and worst of all, hes a deceitful piece of shit who pretends to make friends on the surface while all he cares about is his ego.

  4. I dont know about you guys, But I think hes a pretty cool cat. He went off and did something the media (GW) said was impossible. But of course Die-hard GW Fanboys will hate anything they cant understand. and... THEY'RE GODDAMN TOYS! relax my brothers.