Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Couple of late comments:

First one can be found on this article.
The fuck is wrong with you? None of his models have any 'nazi' on it. and WWII Germany was only ruled by a madman, that does not mean every german was a nazi.


I wont get into a protracted history rant that no-one will respond to. But here is a short, pictorial versions because this bears explaining but I don't think highly of your reading comprehension skills:

I never said every German was a Nazi. But that doesn't change the fact that it was called Nazi Germany. The guys in the tank may not have been National Socialists, but they probably had a swastika on there anyway.

Second comment from this article.
I dont know about you guys, But I think hes a pretty cool cat. He went off and did something the media (GW) said was impossible. But of course Die-hard GW Fanboys will hate anything they cant understand. and... THEY'RE GODDAMN TOYS! relax my brothers.

You are an idiot and you are not my brother.

My suspicion is that this is the same "anonymous' in both comments. Both have about the same level of intelligence & reactionary bullshit in them and they came within 4 minutes of each other.

This one is my favorite of the two. Apparently I don't understand why giant boobs on everything is cool. I guess Dr. Thunder is anonymous' everyman here - fighting against the odds to make giant space-trannies. In your face, GW!!

I also love the weird slam/protest against "the media". Sounds like someone has a some problems with the liberal and/or conservative media that may, or may not, be controlled by the Jews.

I understand this is an opinion piece in the first place, but I try to keep mine informed and intelligent. I ask you to do the same. You may also want to re-read the fan fiction in the thread if you:

a) can stomach it
b) are unclear as to just why the whole concept is retarded


  1. Sadly, Thunder is a local (even more than before).

    Suffice to say, the 4th anonymous post is telling; isn't me but it sums it up nicely. I had a discussion with Dean about him, I tried to be nice but I really just can't be.

    Edwin crushed him in a tournament I ran, there was no battle report of the events that day.

    Note despite the mud thrown my way, I am at least honest in my bat reps.

    Oh and my conversions don't make my dick get that special feelin'.

    You should see his Demon Princesses. For shame.

    You too Arthur. Someday I hope you understand selling yourself out for any amount of money is still selling yourself out. Therefore it's bad.

  2. I don't know if you've seen this guys stuff before, but it's even worse than what you've posted. It's a beautifully painted 40k army done in the colors of WWII Germany... complete with real, honest-to-goodness swastikas.

    Also, the guy named his chapter "The Master Race" which isn't even close to the template that most other chapter names follow. His blog claims that it's some sort of social commentary on how GW represents the Imperium of Man... but I just can't buy it.


  3. wow.

    At least I know where the drednought I posted came from.

    I wouldn't have included this anyway. It's just so blatant.... again, wow.

  4. So he posted this army on 40k forums... and I posted that it was in bad taste. I got several people e-mail me that the swastika is not originally a Nazi symbol... which is true, but given the context of this use of the swastika it is blatantly a Nazi symbol... it seems strange, but I think that there might be tons of Nazi apologists out there... which boggles my mind.

  5. I read some of the thread. It disgusts me.

    Especially the mods:

    For the Record.

    ANY and I mean ANY comments regarding Nazi's, WW2, or anything along that line will be removed.

    Furthermore. if you continue to do so you will be given a warning for Trolling.

    Jesus fucking Christ.

    ...again, wow. There are a lot of ignorant people out there...

  6. Exactly. If someone had posted some Rough Riders that were riding My Little Ponies, the fact that they were utilizing imagery that does not fit the 40k universe would be a valid topic of discussion and criticism.

    I discussed the appropriateness of the army with the forum admin and the moderators, and apparently Leeharvey had specific permission to post the army, and the moderators were told to "keep a close eye" on the thread by the admin.

    So they simply delete any criticism of the army that pops up on the thread, and the guy gets to bask in adulatory semen over his "brave" decision to paint swastikas all over his army.

  7. I agree 100%. This is why forums are a shitty place to get feedback.

    As an actual interesting point, it seems that there is this latent 'rebellion' against the fluff. Both Leeharvy and Thunder have clear evidence of this.

    So questions for the readers?

    1) Why do you think the boob-marines and master race marines have this need to rebel against the fluff? Or is it simply an attempt to put positive spin on the fucked up things that they're into?

    2) have you noticed that if you go on the Flames of War site, its really, really hard to find swastikas on stuff? They were often on the german war machines (but not always).

    3) How do you guys feel about borrowing color schemes from WWII without borrowing any of the symbology?

    Number 3 has relevance to me. I was planning on using a Luftwaffe camo pattern and ID marking scheme (with NONE of the WWII iconography) on my Thunderbolt. Specifically, the yellow nose and wing tips commonly seen.

    On one hand, its a realistic and proven camo scheme - a use of the WWII source material that I have no problem with. On the other, I feel like it could be seen as invoking the bad mojo associated with it (due to the unique ID markings). Should I rethink this, or am I being overly sensitive and wracked with liberal guilt?

  8. Wow, it's strange how such a beautifully painted army can be so god-damned sickening at the same time.

    What frustrates me the most is that he, and just about EVERY SINGLE PERSON LIKE HIM that does a Nazi Germany WW2 theme, apparently NEVER sets out with the intent to offend or stir up shit in general, and I guarantee you it's a flat out lie in every single case. I honestly don't think anyone is that damn stupid, and in the army featured on your site especially, the similarities to Nazi propaganda are just too strikingly similar for it to be an "accident".

    Anyway, as for LeeHarvey's army...I want to know who in their right mind would seriously do something like this. He has to be crazy if he seriously expects most people to believe that he's just making a statement about GW, sounds like a convenient excuse to me. He gets to show off how much of a Nazi he is and point the finger at GW the entire time. "Blame them! They're the evil ones, the Imperium are Nazis not me! This is all GW's fault!"

    That MIGHT make sense if he were doing up a single model, but he bought an entire army of models and painted Nazi imagery on damn near every single one. He obviously takes his Nazi Marines very seriously.

    Just...wow, god damn. Personally I think anyone who admires Hitler that damn much should purge themselves from the gene pool. The rest of the world is trying to make progress and move on, stop holding us back.

    As for the thunderbolt scheme, I say go for it. Without the Nazi symbology it's just a paint scheme and anyone trying to claim it's anything but is making a damn big stretch. There's a difference between painting something in a scheme SIMILAR to a Nazi Germany war machine, and copying it down to the very last detail like some sick people (who aren't Nazis in any way, of course) do.

  9. Personally, I think the problem is the swastikas specifically. It's no secret that GW took pages from the history of several totalitarian regimes when making the background for the Imperium.

    The fact is that the swastika did not stop being a hate symbol after WWII. Modern racist and neo-nazi groups continue to use it, and that is my problem.

    The grey that Space Wolves are painted is actually pretty close to the Wermacht grey, so I don't think that the paint scheme would be something that someone else might immediately connect to Nazi Germany.

  10. Sorry I'm late to the party, but I just wanted to put in my two cents. This topic of Nazi painting comes up a LOT in forums, as far as I can see, at least a couple of times a year. It drives me crazy, because the person talking about this is perfectly aware of previous drama on the subject, and even acknowledges it, but brings it up anyway for a mock "OK" from the community.

    Even though it's obvious all they want is attention. Why else broadcast it? From plastering pictures all over the net to just talking about how they're going to do it.

    What I hate the most though, is the "free speech" argument. How it's not offensive, it's an expression, it's done for the sake of art. Or they'll pile all this "fluff" to "justify" it.

    If that was the case, why aren't people designing the "Baby Raping Space Marine Chapter", which uses baby raping as a terror tactic to break down their opponent's will to fight? I bet you half the dillweeds that defend Nazi space toys draw the line at something along those lines, leaving the true dickheads who still don't get it to push it forward.

    What it all boils down to is people wanting to be Carlos Mencia. They want to say "outrageous" things for attention, then look at the audience and say "oooh, did I just say that?". They swear they're funny/clever/whatever/controversial, where all they're doing is recycling bullshit and calling it their own.