Monday, August 10, 2009

Inquisitor Stroheim and Retinue

I've been doing a lot of ranting, teaching and general exploring on this blog lately. There has been a distinct lack of pictures. Lets fix that.

Here is the finished Daemon Hunter Inquisitor and retinue that I've been toiling away on:

Overall, I had a pretty fun time with this little project. Not too many conversions since most of the models were exactly what I wanted. The Lord Macharius model needed a different staff head and the servitors needed some spacers, but that was it. Additionally, I took a beak from the assembly line style and worked on all of these guys individually. Since each minature is diffrent and there is this whole ad-hoc nature of the retinue in the fluff, I decided to make each guy a little special.

While I'm very please with the Inquisitor, he is just a bit off. After finishing the main body, my initial coat of sealant dried with a white, powdery effect. Rather than spend hours stripping him, re-assembling him (including some putty work) and repainting him, I just did my best to touch him up. It turned out well, but it just looks a bit 'off'.

the familiar was probably my favorite model to paint in the whole squad. Very simple model with a lot of flat areas to show off on. I really took the time to freehand on this one. You also see a little on the Inquisitor's cloak.

Most of the comments on the mystics are covered in the captions. The only thing I'd like to add is that the Cork Brown + white flesh recipe worked amazingly well.

The servitors were actually the least interesting to paint. The two bolter servitors are pretty boring and the melta servitor was an extremely busy model. They turned out well, but weren't all that enjoyable to paint.


  1. Honestly, I think it's a very well-done retinue.

    That's one of the fun things about the inquisition; they're all highly characterful by nature and they give you a break in the army in terms of visual style and painting.

    They're each interesting and distinct, but they all come together enough in the end to look like a coherent whole. Well done.

  2. If I only didn't hate the whole series of Inquisitorial models.

    Except the Witchhunter hat guy and the crusaders.

    Just a tip--turn off autoplay and 'include captions' when you are making the little video up.

    They are options when you click create, it's above the html code you have to copy. Click the boxes and you're good.


  3. Aaand Fixed. Thanks for the heads up. Forgot to do it. I need to stop writing posts right before I need to be somewhere else.

    Inquisitor Hat guy IS awesome. I think Coteaz is pretty cool, but he just didn't fit what I wanted so Macharius got the job.

  4. Great work. I also love the servitor-skin shade. Care to share? :)

    Take care - Brent

  5. hehe, your servitors look like better painted versions of mine.