Tuesday, October 31, 2006

RETIRED: Project Planning - the Laubersheimer Industries Way (Stage 2)

Originally published on Oct 31, 2009

Continuing with the description of my wacky project planning process...

Stage 2: Some Planets Align

Things started out with some passive brainstorming - a bunch of ideas exist and they're all under consideration. Stage 1 is pretty passive and nebulous. Not too much conscious/directed thought being put into a single specific project at this point.

Stage 2 is where a a particular idea starts to become better defined. Importantly, nothing concrete has been laid down yet! I'm still basically free-wheeling at this point.

Usually, an idea starts to take form around a particular gaming or artistic need (technically a desire, since it isn't food, water, shelter and clothing). This is can be a need for an army to play whatever game I happen to be into at the moment. A project can also form around purely artistic goals as well. Most times, the project starts forming around both of those things. Though a gaming need is usually the senior partner.

At this point there is a casual thought running through my head: "Hey, I need an army for Warhammer Fantasy!" or "Man, painting Forgeworld models seems fun!"

Once that happens, all of those random ideas I mentioned in stage 1 start attaching themselves to the need. Army lists start being paid more attention too and I a few painting ideas start taking root. This is really the main bullet point of stage 2.

There's one other factor that can also play a role in this stage - a financial windfall. Gaming and painting aren't cheap hobbies. Often times a some money left over from your tax return or a gift giving holiday of some sort can also get me thinking about a new project.

Its much easier to get the ball rolling when Uncle Sam hands you a couple hundred bux or when you're brother in Missouri gives you a Stegadon for Christmas.

Next up the project details start getting defined.

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