Sunday, March 28, 2010

Composition Scoring: More Limiting Than You Think (pt. 1.53)

Before I get back to why comp scoring is just as bad for painting, modeling and fluff as it is for competition, I want to draw your attention to the results of the wonderful St. Valentines Day Massacre GT. Not for any positive reasons*. Heavens no, haha.

This particular GT is a delightful, real-world rebuttal to one of the links I posted last time. What happened at at this GT was so bad, that I really don't have to do much more than point out the shittyness.

It turns out that not only were the comp guidelines pretty ambiguous to the players, they were also ambiguous to the comp judges... who also played in the fucking event. There were lots of reports of select armies getting ludicrously high comp scores, accusations of retroactive scoring to make the pairing look legit and even an outright admission that ALL Tyranid lists automatically scored low because the book is so new. It gets better: it turns out that not only did the TO himself play, but his 6 ironclad dreadnought list - all in drop pods no less - got a 12 out of 20 for comp. While battelforce Tryanids got a 1. That's not in the least suspicious, right?

What. The. Fuck.

I'm pointing this out for two reasons:

1) It's a hilariously terrible situation I came across when doing some research that didn't pan out.
2) The only thing worse than someone telling you can't play with all your toys beforehand is someone telling you after you show up.

God help you if your definition of 40k is different from the organizers'. In a situation like this, its not so much having your creativity limited, but having it outright punished.

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*Originally pointed out to the internet by TastyTaste over on Blood of Kittens.


  1.'ve got to be KIDDING.

    If you're organizing the tournament, the ONLY reason you MIGHT be able to justify playing is if there's an odd number of folks, you gave out the bye, but you don't want that guy to be board for a couple hours.

    That comp sore is RIDIULOUS. "Oh, your book is new, you get a 1."

    Honestly, if you're going to insist on trying to impose comp scoring on an event, you need to tell people about it ahead of time. Frankly, if I came to that event with my 'nid army and found out that I could not win because of that, I'd ask for my money back.

    You should NEVER be able to win prizes in events you run.

  2. and the TO wasn't the only event staff person playing either.

    There was also the issue of one of the Tyranid players being told he had gotten a 10 when he phoned his army in early. He got there, and was then informed he had received a 1.

  3. I would have demanded my money back. I would also have reported the fuckfest that was that event to GW.

    And, presumably, whatever passes for Citizens Advice in the US - I'd have wanted to sue their asses off.

  4. Wow, epic fail.

    Comp makes everything better right? Right?

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