Monday, March 1, 2010

Quick Hits - Volume V

1. My good buddy Colin started a new blog. Its called Dick Move. Basically its an outlet for Colin to rage against the stupidity of the internet in his own space... in the least constructive and most hilarious way possible. He's only got three articles up so far, but knowing his level of bile as I do, I can tell you that more is definitely coming.

Now, the real challenge for Colin is to not make his corner of the internet the Bell of Lost Souls is Retarded 90% of the Time: the Blog. So far so good, but the Bell of Lost Souls IS retarded 90% of the time and there have been some absolute gems lately.

2. Speaking of BoLShit, as an Eldar player, I feel I am honor bound to at least mention this... uh... this whatever the hell it is. Total foot Eldar based around the synergy that Eldrad and the Avatar. I am.... unconvinced that this is a good army. Screening units or not, cover saves or not, fearless or not, I've seen what proper mech armies do to troops out in the open. I'm not buying that 4 monstrous creatures and 8oish T3 bodies are gonna carry the day.

Fine, whatever, this guy can have his fun. I've got no problems with that. HOWEVER, there is a ton of dick waiving goin' on. Lots of grandiose statements about his win/lose record, the types of players he faces and his own impeccable pedigree. I don't give a shit about your gaming history, man. Evidence, or this army ain't shit - A battle report with pics would be fantastic.

Well, we'll see what part II has to offer.

3. Looks like I haven't had a serious painting article in a while. It also looks like I've neglected some reader questions as well. Lets fix both.

Revuk writes: He turned out awesome, well done! Any chance you could provide details on this new recipe for white? (in regards to my Autarch).

Pretty easy, actually. It's the same recipe that the 'Eavy metal team used for their Khan masterclass in WD#3XX. I don't have my collection in front of me, so no exact number for you.

You need the following colors: Space Wolves Gray, Graveyard Earth, any white, Charadon granite, Devlan Mud.

You start with a base of 50/50 graveyard earth and space wolves gray and then build up a ton of very thin layers by adding a touch of white each time. Be sure to leave some areas alone so the base color shows through. You cap it off with a few pure white (and, again, thin) layers. The rest of the shading is done with a touch of charadon granite for the deep layers and devlan mud for the rest. Remember, for the shading, just a little bit will go a long way.

Isylfe writes: Do you have a link to a tutorial for that corroded bronze technique? Thabks [sic] (in regards to Project Future Boys).

Yes and no. Here's a link to the dakka post where I found it: GMMStudios Heavy Metal Marines. The orange color is RMS Orange Brown (9201), FYI. So there's a basic overview and some examples here, but not too much in the way of a step-by-step approach. My own approach to the recipe results in a very cartoony/stylized version of the below example (which is not my work).


  1. Damn son, that looks fucking pimp. Yo yo b-boy snake dawg G.

    Now that that's out of my system, BoLS has finally outclassed Warseer in idiocy.

  2. Hell yeah it does. I wish I had painted it. Dunno if i was clear enough about that.