Thursday, April 8, 2010

Distractions 1

Last time I checked, this was supposed to be a hobby blog (in addition to other things).

Here are some pics of the Trygon I got for my birthday in February.

the only real reason I got the Trygon is because the model was so cool. Its been a while since if gotten a model just to paint. really helped break up some of the boredom I've been feeling with the Eldar.

Painting this thing was a blast. Its actually a pretty simple process once you get into it. Despite all the detail, there isn't to much you gave to pick out. It was nice to have a reason to play with the Necrotales streak painting method. Also gave me a chance to practice with a new airbrush I got at around the same time. Notice the stolen Legion of Everblight scheme. With the exception of the red claws and a couple of color substitutions, it follows the recipe from Hordes: Evolution. I toned down the brown/black scales quite a bit. While I think a more contrasting and vivid carapace color could work (and work well), I decided to stick with my preferences for a more subtle color. The pics don't do it enough justice.

Assembling this thing was fun too. The kit goes together very easily and some exceedingly clever part constriction keeps nasty mold lines and hard to deal with seams to a minimum. Though you do have to be careful with the vents and the parallel seams on the main carapace area. Spending extra time there is well worth your trouble since the area is so large and will so easily spoil the model.

So there ya go - a finished monster. Fun to build fun to paint and awesome looking. About the only complaint I have is that the kit is so well made that it was making my girlfriend's stomach turn.

Still haven't decided if I'm gonna start a Tyranid MC list. Lets see what happens if and when i get my hands on a couple of Hive Guard.

[edit]. Anther first for me - snow bases. got a hold of a shaker of Woodland Scenics snow. I think i still need some practice with my technique, but still a solid result.


  1. hey next time you bust out your airbrush for something like this could we get a tutorial or some wip shots.

  2. This looks beautiful mate. I'm floored by the results. I agree, lets have a WIP next time! I have to say, between you and Dethy, I'm really beginning to like 'Nids. I'd probably never play them, but dang, the new models are gorgeous and completely OTT, but thats the charm.


  3. 1. Awesome work man.
    2. big bugs suck.
    3. ask Dethy about regeneration now, lol. stupid carnifexes...
    4. I couldn't keep the codex in hand while we were playing. I kept thinking "well, I'd only need a few more of, GAAH No more armies!!!" so then of course I picked up the BA codex which didn't help at all...

  4. thanks, doodz!.

    @DFM: haha! you must have left quite an impression, because I didn't even have to ask him before he told me about it. Totally sheds some new light on a list I have in mind.

  5. Joe #2 played bugs that night as well. I brought a deathwing army. at one point, there were more gaunts on the board than i had models in my entire army(to start).

    Joe had this carnifex that would get to 1 wound multiple times all night and he would regen over and over and over.

  6. twas a fun game indeed DFM. I actually ran out of models twice do to termagant pooping. You were able to kill some of the bigger stuff, though.

    also, my word verification for this post is "mantat." I think we need to define this.

    Here's my take- a mentat body builder.