Monday, November 15, 2010

The Chunderhawk

... or, rather, the leaked Storm Raven pics e'erbody has been talk talk talkin' 'bout.

Yeah, I know.  Everyone already has a Storm Raven is teh sux0r article.  This is my article.  There are many like it, but this one is mine. 

It's name is Raquel.

Right, so a lot of people seem to hate this little big guy.  I actually like it...  conditionally. 

That condition being whether or not I can chop that nasty-ass turret/air intake combo off and replace it with something that wasn't Magos Fisher Price's first and last crack at an STC vehicle.  Because, really, that's what's ruining the aesthetic for me. 

I like the wings.  I like the boxy body.  I like the goofball tail fins. But that turret... man. The turret and air intake are like this model's unnecessarily tall guido hair.  Other than that, it looks exactly like I'd want it to - exactly like the space-brick I'd throw through the window of my neighbor's space shuttle


  1. Yay, more people like the chibibawks.


  2. That's the first complaint I've seen about the turret, and now that you point it out, yeah.. one more oddity on the chibihawk. It seems rather foolish to put your air intake next to something that will be shot at.

  3. Sign me up for also loving this model.

    Maybe all of us that actually say they like it could get free promo models.

    Only cost GW about 7 models ;)

  4. I like it without end. It just makes me smile. (Of course, I DID start out playing Orks. Maybe that's why.)

  5. I like parts of this turdraven.

    the wings and even the chunky landraider parts. Then you mash them together and go "yeah, I should probally see if they'll let me proxy the vendetta's again instead"...


  6. Even the few people who 'like' it seem to want to change bits of it and as the model will undoubtedly be in the 'Land Raider' price bracket I expected it to be at the very least presentable looking to start off with...

    There are many far better looking versions of the Stormraven that have been created by various 'kitbashing' methods. If a bunch of random guys can do better on their own than the entire GW design team can manage all together then something is going wrong.

    In case nobody gathered, I think it's shitty looking...

    Okay, really shitty looking...