Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dave G is a Baller

Dave G posted up a really fantastic bit on nearly the exact same thing I've been going on about.  Seriously, go read it if you haven't.  I'll wait.  Probably just make a sandwich in the meantime...

You're back?  Good.

Its very gratifying to see my own ideas help spawn something like this.  It's also very gratifying to see that Dave and I aren't the only ones feeling like we do.  Between the two of us (mostly Dave), there have been a sizable chunk of comments from people who've gone through what we have to say, stroked their beard areas thoughtfully and said "yeah, that's pretty great."

There's a lot to like about Dave's post.  Its the kind of thing I wish I had written.  Curse that handsome devil!  He basically nailed a big chunk of the concepts I hadn't gotten around to committing to this blog.  Dave even managed to steal my as yet unwritten reference to and accompanying praise for what the Massive Voodoo guys are all about.  

Here's the defining quote for the TL;DR people:

...who says that we have to approach our miniatures and constantly try to place them in the context of our reality? Not just because we're already talking about science fiction and fantasy settings, but also because we can treat these figures as three dimensional canvases.

This article deserves a full minute of cheering from a sold out arena-rock crowd.

Think of this post as me holding up my lighter.

Incidentally - is it a good thing or a bad thing that lighters have become rare enough to warrent a software replacement?

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  1. heh, thanks muchly :) The only thing I can criticize is pimping the iPhone.

    I haven't covered anything yet and the next direction I go in will probably involve painting for one's self.

    If I did cover everything, well... it's going to be a rather dull series.