Friday, April 1, 2011

Tyberos Supplemental #3

Since the update posts have been moving quickly but haven't had much substance, I thought I'd toss in another supplemental.

This time around its just a quick not on a happy side effect of all the pictures I've been taking.

We've all had that moment where we thought we had finished the miniature - but then, out of nowhere, we notice some crucial flaw we had completely missed.

A few days ago while I was posting some of the shots for the main body, I noticed three things that I might have otherwise missed.  Who knows for how long.  For example, there was a lens on my Baal that I didn't notice I had missed until like 4 months after the fact.

Here's what I caught on Tyberos:

  1. Totally forgot to highlight one of the plates on his chest.  I think the angle I was using to paint most of the model kept this out of site until I tried to get some details on the lightning bolts.
  2. A highligh on the leg was the next culprit - I had missed a key blend.
  3. When I was gluing the figure to the base, I must have smudged the red paint on the skull
Nothing too major to fix, just a bunch of niggling things that I might have missed otherwise.

I'm not sure macro photography is the most efficient way to go about things, but...

I guess the lesson here is:  always go over you work one way or another.

1 comment:

  1. I used to keep all my fully painted models on a shelf I built for that purpose, directly above my painting 'desky hobby area.'

    The idea was to fill the multiple shelves with finished models- the empty shelves would inspire me to paint more, and I'd be able to display my models and feel all proud and whatnot...
    Sounds like a decent idea, in theory, right?

    Unfortunately, I'm such a mental patient that I kept looking at the first handful of display pieces I put up there and....noticing stuff, or thinking I could improve stuff, or whatever...

    I ended up taking the shelf down, and now I put my models away, out of sight, when they're done, because I ended up re-doing those few models like a nutcase, instead of painting more....

    Sorry...that was kinda a tangent. Heh.