Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ricochet Biscuit

It's supposed to bounce off the wall and back into your mouth.

Kirby has invited me to write for ye olde 3++.  He wants me to do something with painting.  But here's the deal:  I have no idea what direction to go in.

I have some thoughts - something along the lines of trying to take the anxiety and/or mystery out of painting with the idea to get shoe gray legions taken care of. 

I feel like there are a lot of hurdles for people to get started:
  • The impossibly high standards for the big painting contests
  • the perception that artistic talent is required
  • the perception of there being a 'right' way to do things
  • the time involved
  • the added expense
Maybe I can help lower those hurdles.

I guess I'm really asking you guys is this (due to the high reader crossover):  what would you like to see in a hobby series as written by me?

[hail marry:]  Incidentally, if anyone has a spare terminator cyclone or two laying around (he said, knowing that they're in high demand) , I'd be more than happy to give them, a new home.


  1. You want to do more of a "begginers" or an "advanced" painting article?

  2. probably beginners. Doing advanced level stuff can be hard to articulate, very time consuming and helps fewer people.

  3. Well then, I liked your second bullet point. Many times, when I try to convince people to paint their models they complain that it's too hard for them and that it's easier for me because I have talent or something. I then try to explain that before I learned (though a lot of research and most importantly, practise) how to paint models I just...didn't.

    So yeah this kinds of motivational/getting started type of article would be very useful to a lot of people I think.

  4. OMG you're writing for me?


  5. I vote in favour of demystifying the whole business. There is a difference between artistic and technical painting but artistic talent is not a prerequisite for painting and too many people think they're shite and talentless and shouldn't ever try. Address that, Laubsheimer. Address it.

  6. How to paint white, with the end-result actually looking white.

    Why playing red, yellow, or white armies is the dumbest decision you could ever make.

    The true reason ultramarines and salamanders are so popular with new players.

  7. I fear that the cyclone launchers will become your wish sandwich

  8. @dethtron; lol. oh, man... what did I expect for nuthin'?

  9. Man, there's plenty of material right here you could use.
    I was really impressed by the base for Tyberos- more stuff like that would be welcome.
    Also, the lightbox you came up with- awesome.

    I think maybe there's plenty of basic beginner's 'how-to's' out there, and part of the charm of this site is following the sequental posts- that Tyberos thing sucked me right in. Through that, I dug around in the back posts and found I enjoyed your writing style and the way you shared your trials and tribulations.
    Good stuff.
    I suppose it helps that your solutions are always friggin' awesome...and you're one of those guys that makes other people's models feel...inadequate...

    Meh, whatever you post at 3++, I'm sure it'll be cool.
    Looking foward to it!

  10. What if you try to take some grasshoppers under your tutelage as a direct way to show people the process of learning so others won't be so scared?