Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lightning Round: Vol. 1

Ok, I'm gonna start a new super speedy update format. I'm just experimenting with this, maybe I'll start using it more often - like when nothing super good has happened, but there are lots of little updates - especially since I got really tired of posting boring progress pics.

Here goes:

Lightning Round:

- Progress on the command squad is moving again
- I pre-ordered a Linebreaker Squadron for extra tanky goodness (its also cheaper to get three from GW rather than 2 from forgeworld - to the tune of 40ish dollars. Limited time only.)
- I am playing around with the idea of starting a second blog (unrelated to table-top gaming)
- Team Fortress 2 is pretty sweet.
- Team Fortress 2 crashes on me. A lot.
- Hordes: Evolution is yet another quality expansion book from Privateer Press.
- I went back and fixed some typos in the blog.

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