Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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Old business:
- Irusk's grind spell cannot affect non-warjacks. I didn't really win the Amon game. Shit.

New Business
- Colin and I played one more game of Warmachine: Sorscha vs Severius. I lost.
- Colin has left for Illinois.
- Painting has resumed - more on this in the future.

Yeah, so last week has taught me that I am woefully out of practice with Warmachine and that I am positively bored to tears with Khador. I won the first game on the back of bad rules interpretation and lost the second on the back of bad roles and bad army management. Colin has gotten very good with his Protectorate army and I salute him.

My position with my Khadorans is fairly representative of my gaming habits. I get drawn in by some big stompy guys and then get bored when the big stompy guys don't meet my expectations. This happened with my chaos army in the days of yore, my chaos bloodbowl teams and, now, Khador. In all fairness, Khador is actually a well made and balanced army. The problem lies with my latent love of swarms of things, the undead and being sneaky.

For those of you who don't know: Khador is the neo-cossack faction in warmachine. Lots of guys with fur hats and lots of big stompy warmachines - just like the Russian army in WWI & II. There is also this fun old and new working together angle. There are mortars, snipers and guys with blunderbusses fighting alongside armed peasants, spearmen and mounted knight type guys. Amazingly, the army maintains a visual solidarity.

Unfortunately, the army is fairly straightforward to play: absorb casualties, smash enemy, repeat. There are very few sneaky tricks that I can see and most of my units are expensive in points. If I took the time, I could fill in my ranks with more unit types that I don't own and learn some good tactics, but I've still only found one warcaster that I can actually claim to like and I am extremely jealous of other people's hordes of guys, arcnodes, overt synergy and dirty tricks. Everything that Khador does is out in the open for all to see - smash stuff (except for the old whitch, who I can't figure out (as mentioned) and fear assembling).

It also doesn't help that the paint scheme I picked for the warjacks is abysmal. Colin pointed out that I have McJacks early on. He was right. Its like I got them out of a goddamned happy meal.

So, its time to finish my dark angels, and move onto a new and different Warmachine army. I will come back to my first Warmachine army, but not for a while.

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