Monday, October 29, 2007

So. Tired. Of. Green.

There, I said it. I am so tired of looking at all of the stuff I have to paint green. However, I shall push on - due to the cool factor of fully painted Dark Angels and a promise to the little lady. As you can well imagine (based on my past expedience and this post) the Razorback is taking a bit longer than I'd like. All of those Forgeworld panals add a high degree of detail I hadn't anticipated.

However, I am going to intersperse some Cryx stuff that I have into the job list.

I just got all of the P3 paints that I need for my bonejacks, so I'll start there. I've got a Deathripper on deck. Its coming along very nicely (granted I’ve only worked on it for an hour or so).


If you have not tried the P3 paints, do so immediately. They are incredible.

That is all.

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