Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Editing Notice - On Paint: Part 4

I picked up some modeling books for an upcoming project and heard nothing but good things about Gunze Sangyo's Mr. Hobby line. I went to track down some colors that match some Luftwaffe RLM colors and found that I could only reliably get the lacquer based paints.

Apparently the new parent company perpetrated some shenanigans on the water based line. They either discontinued the water based line or stopped exporting to the US. In any case, I had a hell of a time finding the colors I wanted and ended up using a different brand.

I've updated Part 4 to reflect that new info.

I also learned that not all acrylic paints are water based - just most of them. It turns out the Mr. Color line is technically acrylic, but not water soluble. Acrylic actually refers to the formulation of the pigment rather than the overall paint.

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