Friday, April 10, 2009

Vanity Post #1

I got off my ass and took some pictures. I used the tutorial I posted a bit ago on macro photography. It totally works, dudes. Great results with almost no real work. I also took Picasa out for a whirl. Also totally awesome. Much easier than fiddling around with photoshop.

Color Tests for some Daemons
A few days ago I posed some ideas I had for a Chaos Space Marine Army I was interested in. I specifically mentioned a painting technique using washes over white primer.

Here are my color tests on some old beastmen (click on the image for the full version):

Pretty neat, huh? You start with the lightest color first and then use a bunch of shading washes to create shape and shadow and let the white primer peeking through the washes act as highlights. It doesn't take much time to do either. The problem is, that I couldn't get a red to do what I wanted. the guy on the left is close, but just a little too pink still. I also did some tests on an old warjack, but it wasn't worth posting.

So, at least for the Khorne Daemons I abandoned the idea. I couldn't easily get a red I liked with the method I was experimenting with.

It also turns out the plans for NMM is a wash (a pun - HA!) as well. I only really know how to make a few quick versions of copper/bronze/brass with verdigris. All of which look weird with red. Any other style is just too time intensive. If nothing else, this is a good example of how a project evolves over time. No plan surviving contact witht the enemy and alla that.

I may revisit this once I get to painting some nurgle stuff.

Anywho, here's my initial bloodletter:

A little bit of a departure from my normal stuff as I don't usually work with red and I didn;t spend much time at all blending my various layers. Just a practice run at a faster painting technique for a more 'chunky' style of extreme highlighting. Some of the sheen will go away once I seal the mini.

Iron Warriors
And here we are, pcitures of my iron warriors. I'm pretty pleased with these guys.
As always, click on the pictures to get the full version.

And a Rhino to drive them around in (two shots):

Slightly different colors in the two pictures as well as some washing out on the banner. It's highlighted and shaded, I swear! I have a pretty good handle on photographing guys but still need some practice on larger pieces.



  1. Noticed the multimelta on the heavy weapon guy. Are you using the loyalist codex for these guys?

  2. Yep. They're loyalists after all. :)

    Plus, it fits better with the fluff in the Horus Heresy novels.

  3. I fully support using whichever book a player thinks more accurately reflects the background of the army they want to play.

    I've been considering using Deathwing rules to represent the 1st company of the Luna Wolves.

    I thought that those old Beastmen were super too. I still have a bunch of those with bolt pistols on them because I used them in my 2nd ed Chaos army. I noticed that you've "borrowed" the back-hooks and spikes from some of their halberds for conversions too :)

  4. One more thing: I used the light base-color + darker washes techniques to do the gem on one of my warp spiders. It's super quick, and the gradation of color that results is really great.