Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BoLS Hobby Challenge Entry - Baal Predator

Last Monday, the 10 finalists for the Battle Forge Games BA Hobby Challenge went up. I made the final cut, so I get to be a contestant. You can see all then entries here - linkage.

Currently, I'm holding a steady third place in the polls but still trailing not one, but two nipple marine entries by a fer piece. However, third place puts me in the running for a moral victory - best in class. So if you love me, red tanks or doing things for people because they asked you to - head on over and cast your vote (for me).

Since the BoLS people had some limitations on the size of the photographs and how many were gonna be posted, I'll just go ahead and post the big versions of all of the photos I took. If you want bigger views, be sure to click on the smaller version.

Pretty proud of how this turned out to be honest. Aside from the color being slightly off in the photographs, I can't complain. Its a pretty solid first attempt for color modulation style.

I can go into some of the details of how I managed to get my Baal so smooth if there's a demand. For now, its just a vanity post before I go on a mini-vacation,


  1. Looks pretty sweet mate. Good job. Vote for John!

  2. I love your Baals Lauby, how'd they get so smooth?

  3. I suspect a layer of wax is involved.

  4. Lauby, I think you should petitition to have the competition rules changed, so that it isn't biased against tanks :) It's not fair to have tanks and troops in the same competition.

  5. (I've got something smooth for you, Dethtron...)

    Doh! Sorry, still doing dick jokes from his blog - he asked for it.

    And I gave it all to him.

    ...sorry again.

    I voted for you, L. Well, Kirby told me to, but I actually agree and think yours is the best of the bunch.