Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Da Lamentation of da Vimmin: Part 1 - Space Elves

Well, maybe things aren't that dramatic....

I think it's time to take a step back from all the positivity spewing out of my Blood Angels kick and get back to what the internet seems to have been created for - complaining.

Mostly I just want to whine a little about the new Fire Prism that's due out in June and then the 8th Edition Fantasy rumors preceding the July release (in another post).

First up, the Space Elves.

That Damnably Good Looking New Fire Prism Kit

I'm not actually all that whiny and mopey over the existence of the kit, its more the fact that my own sense of aesthetics wont let me consider the idea of not purchasing another 3 Fire Prism kits. The old ones, while solid, just don't hold a candle to the new one.

Oh, and there's the fact that the old metal Fire Prism parts are one of the most poorly conceived and executed kit ideas that GW has ever designed.

GW Designer #1: "look lads, now that we're finally getting around to making the Fire Prism kit, what can we do with the existing Falcon kit to make this is as easy peasy as possible?"

GW Designer #2: "Dunno, gov'nuh.... I'm a bit knackered from all that opium we smoked last night. "

GW Designer #3: "Oi! What about some kind of plastic upgrade spr-"

Opium Induced Hallucination: "Bollocks to that, ya prat! The flying base on that thing is extremely wibbly-wobbly. We should obviously build the heaviest and most ill fitting metal parts we can devise to make the best use of that feature of the Falcon. Plus, blokes love trying to glue metal parts to fragile plastic ones. Further, I never foresee a time when metal will be more expensive than it is now."

GW Designer #1: "Brilliant!"

GW Designer #2: "Indeed! Lets go over to Jervis' house to sniff glue and talk about switching paint manufacturers for no reason!"

GW Designer #3: "Is it okay if I huff spray paint instead? I have a meeting tomorrow about sustainable business practices and glue sniffing makes me all potty."

The Queen of England: "Verily!"

Thankfully, I haven't even assembled the things yet, so at least they wont be wasted as I can assemble them as Falcons. Which brings me to my next grumbling. Come June, I'm going to have an absolute mountain of Eldar to paint. Gah!

Up till now, I had managed to get 6 Wave Serpents and all but 10 of the foot models done. Not too bad - the end was in site. I only had 10 guardians, 3 Vypers and 3 Prisms to go. Not so much anymore. With the new Prism kit and my own list building experiments I can add 3 Falcon/Prisms, ANOTHER Wave Serpent and 10ish assorted foot models to the queue. Blech.

I'm sure a few of you out there know my pain.

I wouldn't be so sensitive to the Eldar Build up if it weren't for the pile of unfinished projects I've already got and the uncertain future of the mound of boxes for the Dino-horde.

So. Much. Plastic.

So, to sum up:

1. I am a whiner
2. The new Fire Prism is a much needed improvement
3. I have a lot of Eldar to paint


  1. Fuck that shit! if I wanted a fucking pulsar, I'd spend £400 on a fucking Scorpion. CRYSTAL SHAPES FTW!!!!! RAWR!!!

    I am unhappy at having my 3 Prisms 70%-ish finished, and having to replace them. I MAY get over this.

    The Night Spinner won't help. Fucking piece of shit. With a depressingly nice kit.

  2. Oh, and what's with the new email?

  3. yeah, the Night Spinner is pretty much the definition of a polished cat turd. Maybe if the main guns weren't ap -. Durp.

    as far as the e-mail goes, I just needed to separate my personal e-mail from the one I use to conduct myself publicly.

    It also a nod to the hilarious comments from my Asian fans/spam bot fans.

  4. I won't be buying any because I already have my FP but oh how I agree. Right now I swear I'm trying to make some sort of super magnetic field with all the magnets I've put on mine that not only keep the Prism cannon on but automatically move my army, too.

    Imagine that, a huge magnet which you slide over the board and your models move with it.

    ...and your opponent's dice? quick change the topic!

  5. I'm not too thrilled with the new Prism to be honest, but all plastic is definitely a huge improvement.

    I've got shit tons of shit to build/paint too, Lauby. Easiest way to sort it is to hide your things and pretend they never existed.

  6. I already have 3 converted Prisms and 2 Falcons done, so I see no need to pick up the new Prism, which I think looks ridiculous and very un-Eldar (not that the old one is better, but still) with it's big ole ginormous top that makes me think of a woman with implants.

    Bizarrely enough, however, I feel this strange compulsion to make some Nightspinners... I just have to keep repeating to myself "The rules are crap, the rules are crap, the rules are crap..." I had hope for it to be like s7 ap 5 or 6, 2 large blasts (it would have almost been useful then). Unfortunately, GW decided that the Eldar needed a slap in the face. Awesome.